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February 09, 2017

Armando Diana
CA Technologies

The lights went out and for a second the fear of the dark crept into my consciousness. It's never fun trying to find your way in the dark so I turned the light switch on and averted disaster.

Infrastructure issues are a lot like being in the dark. If only infrastructure issues were as easy to fix as turning on the light switch. Infrastructure management (IM) is sometimes divided into categories of server management, network management, event management, and storage management. With so many different substructures to manage it becomes difficult for an IT Operations professional to find answers in one place.

APM Academy is launching a new, content-rich section for Infrastructure Management sponsored by CA Technologies. The new IM blog section will feature new content each week from the experts at CA Technologies spanning a wide range of topics but focused on helping you better understand the market, technology and trends.

Among other purposes, infrastructure management seeks to:

■ Gain intelligence on the network and linking to critical outcomes

■ Allow IT operations team to become far more proactive in support of other teams

■ Use data intelligence to guide actions for other teams

■ Promote adaptability necessary for a changeable environment

■ Enhance the flow of information throughout an information system

All the content is provided to you for free — no subscriptions or registrations required. Content will cover Infrastructure performance management and diagnostics, analytics, end user experience, and the journey towards digital transformation. While some content will be specific to CA Technologies products, the majority of content will focus on general Infrastructure management industry interest.

In today's application-driven economy the platform to engage customers and conduct business at scale has taken increased importance. This results in an application portfolio that is spread across traditional infrastructure, public or private cloud, and hybrid clouds. The interdependencies among them increase complexity. Success comes down to one thing: the customer experience.

Think about a great experience you have had with a company or service – an experience where everything just went right and your expectations were exceeded. Did you tell others about the experience you had? Did you go back to that company and give them more business?

Now think about an experience you had where everything went wrong – a situation where a company fell short of your expectations … How did it make you feel? Did you bash the company on social media? Did you tell others about the bad experience? Did you return as a customer or did you seek out alternatives?

The customer experience and the state of your infrastructure platform is directly related. This new space will help you get ready for the future. A future that is already here.

This collection of content will quickly grow into an online library covering a range of Infrastructure Management related topics, organized so the site is easy to navigate and the content is easy to find.

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Armando Diana is Principal Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies.

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