APM Are You Looking for a Docker Monitoring Solution? Here's Why You Need Application Performance Management
Docker brings new monitoring challenges, but CA APM is up to the task
July 17, 2017

Ashley George
CA Technologies

Docker has taken the application economy by storm over the past year, becoming an essential tool for building and running software. The open platform allows you to package an application into a standardized unit for software development and deployment – ensuring that it will always run the same, regardless of the environment.

Docker container adoption is extremely popular among developers, and it is quickly shifting to production, forcing application monitoring tools to adapt to be able to monitor applications deployed in a Docker environment.

The Benefits of Using Application Performance Management to Monitor Docker Containers

Although Docker containers bring a lot of advantages to the table, they can also bring new challenges to enterprise IT in implementation, deployment and monitoring. But don't fret, help is available.

Enhancements in CA Application Performance Management have been made to deliver the modern Docker monitoring businesses need to accelerate and optimize the performance of microservices and the dynamic Docker environments running them.

By utilizing CA APM, you gain:

■ Instant visibility into the vital signs of containerized applications; including latency, response time and performance.

■ Deep, actionable analytics to predict problems before users are impacted.

■ Advanced topology visualizations which allows teams to collect and use Docker container attributes to map, visualize and administer Docker environments.

Proven Results

CA's strides in Docker monitoring have not gone unnoticed. In fact, users ranked CA Technologies as the number 1 vendor in Docker container monitoring on IT Central Station, a leading IT peer review service that helps enterprise professionals evaluate technology solutions based on customer experiences.

IT Central Station is trusted by thousands of enterprise tech professionals for product reviews and comparisons and an excellent place to see what real users have to say about various application monitoring tools.

To learn more about CA APM's Docker Monitoring capabilities, watch our recent webcast, Future Proof Docker and Microservices with Modern Monitoring.

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