APM Business Becomes Data and Data Becomes the Business
Digital Experience Management requires a new twist on user focused application analytics
August 16, 2017

Viki Paige
CA Technologies

Just about every enterprise today is going through some sort of digital transformation. For most customers, it's about surviving, but for many, it's also about disrupting and leading. Software and customer experience are the new competitive edge. Managing availability and performance is now a key measure of business success or failure. Digital transformation guarantees two things: more change and more data.

As the sea of real-time operational data is growing exponentially, there is an even greater need to turn this data into answers to safeguard an uninterrupted digital experience for customers. To ensure availability and performance of every user, every app, everywhere, enterprises today typically own 10-25 different tools to monitor their production stack of apps, network and infrastructure.

Given the hyper-complexity of today's application environments and the tech stacks they run on, an all-in-one monitoring and cross-tier analytics approach known as Digital Experience Management has emerged as a new requirement. It's no longer humanly possible to drill into multiple dashboards, research a variety of alerts and search through thousands of log files to discover root cause in the few minutes you have between initial degradation and severe user impact.

EMA's latest research on Digital Experience Management has this to say about the topic: "Digital Experience Management (DEM) shines a spotlight on both the expanded relevance of IT and the pressure on the IT organization to justify itself and perform efficiently in what is now popularly called the digital age." (EMA, "User, Customer, and Digital Experience: Where Service and Business Performance Come Together," February 2017)

In this new digital age, the business becomes data and data becomes the business. Information on customer experience becomes the most important corporate asset. The only thing that matters is the ability to create, capture and harness value from information with a new class of digital experience management tools.

To learn more about Digital Experience Management, read EMA Research's recent brief: CA Digital Experience Insights: A New Twist on User-Focused Application Analytics and Management.

Viki Paige is Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies
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