APM Did YouTube's Recent Outage Affect Your Business?
Ensure you're aware of business-critical outages with a synthetic website monitoring solution
November 09, 2017

Renato Putini
CA Technologies

As you may have seen, YouTube had some performance issues earlier this week. Youtubers trying to stream their live shows couldn't connect to their viewers in many places (see yellow areas below).

Whether you're a gamer trying to showcase your skills on CoD WWII, or a corporation with YouTube videos on your site, maybe talking about your latest marketing promo or product launch, you were likely affected. Did you hear about it? Can you say with certainty whether or not your customers were impacted? Was your call center impacted with a surge in calls?

If you want to know next time services are down, consider using a synthetic monitoring solution like CA App Synthetic Monitor. With this automated solution, you have the ability to ping your website from multiple locations around the globe (95 to be exact), perform user transactions (from the outside, just as your normal customers would) and provide alerts whenever your website or application is unresponsive, or exhibiting any weird behavior.

It's Quick and Easy to Get Started!

CA App Synthetic Monitor is a pay as you go, SaaS solution with a very quick adoption curve that will help you triage false alarms from cloud providers or streaming platforms, customer facing websites, or even internal sites running inside your data center. Essentially, all services that are impacting your customer experience!

If you want to learn more about CA App Synthetic Monitor, you can even try it free for 30-days.

Renato Putini is Solution Sales Director, Agile Operations, at CA Technologies
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