APM Enhance Google Analytics with Synthetic Monitoring
March 20, 2017

Ashley George
CA Technologies

Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics solutions on the market, with estimates suggesting that it is used by approximately 52.9% of all websites on the internet. Is your website one of them? If so, you may want to keep reading.

Google Analytics provides insights which allow you to have a better understanding of the customer experience, but did you know that you can enhance the power of Google Analytics by pairing it with a synthetic monitoring solution?

If you're looking to gain insights into customer experience one concern you may have is the uptime and availability of your page, because if your website is down your customers are unhappy. Google's analytics tool allows you to answer questions related to user activity, where they are coming from and how your site performed while they were there, but it does not answer the question “Is my site up right now?”. In fact, the performance analytics provided by Google are historic, not live.

Synthetic monitoring tools on the other hand provide real-time insight into website availability and allow you to have a better understanding of site performance, and when used in conjunction with your existing Google Analytics tool, provide an entire new layer of data.

With synthetic web monitoring, you can:

■ Proactively check the availability of pages and transactions

■ Receive immediate notifications if a problem occurs

■ Perform automated tests for app availability

■ Monitor non-HTTP services such as DNS, LDAP, Mail, FTP, etc.

■ Proactively monitor public API's to confirm availability and performance

While Google on the other hand allows you to look at:

■ Number of sessions, page views, bounce rates, duration and conversions

■ Which pages are viewed the most, how did users get there and what they did after

Elevate Your Customer Experience

To sum it up, the insights provided by Google Analytics combined with those provided by a synthetic monitoring solution will allow you to improve customer experience and decrease the time it takes to identify issues.

Ashley George is Associate Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies.

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