APM Five Reasons to Adopt SaaS Application Performance Management
September 01, 2017

Amy Feldman
CA Technologies

Application performance management (APM) tools are now moving to the cloud – so if you're currently in the process of selecting an APM tool, here are five reasons to consider going SaaS.


1. It's simple and easy to get started

Traditional on premise tools require time and resources to implement. But with SaaS monitoring tools, you can be up and monitoring in less than five minutes. Once you log into the SaaS environment you will be dropped directly into a sample application with data, so you can easily navigate through CA Application Performance Management and quickly find the root cause of an issue.

Not familiar with the tool? Not a problem – a walkme tour is available (if needed) to guide you through CA APM and speed your time to value.


2. Full-stack end-to-end visibility from app-to-infra

Drill through the layers of application and infrastructure to see how infrastructure performance might be impacting application and user experience.

Also, CA APM provides a level of control of the map topology view that lets you quickly reorganize topologies to understand relationships that might otherwise be difficult to comprehend in highly dynamic environments.

Fun Fact:  CA APM leverages our expertise and intellectual property around infrastructure monitoring to provide a deeper level of infrastructure insights than most of the APM vendors.


3. Seamless upgrades

With no hardware to maintain, upgrading your SaaS APM is seamless and headache free. Not only will you no longer be burdened with the task, you will also stay up-to-date with the latest capabilities.

And as can be expected of a SaaS model – feature updates will be released every few weeks, enabling you to consume the latest capabilities faster than ever before!

4. Freedom to pay as you go

We live in a world where contracts are becoming a way of the past. Whether it's your cell phone or cable plan, chances are you've opted for a ‘pay as you go' option if available, so why should your APM service be any different?

Our SaaS Application Performance Management is configured for use in a consumptive manner where you can pay as you go and spin up environments as needed. Giving you the freedom to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

5. You can try it for free!

What better way to evaluate a tool than to try it yourself! After all, you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first, would you?

CA Application Performance Management is now available for a free 30-day trial through CA's new SaaS analytics and operations environment, CA Digital Experience Insights. With this trial, not only do you get access to the full capabilities of APM, you also receive immediate access to App Experience Analytics and Infrastructure Management.

Amy Feldman is Director, Product Marketing, at CA Technologies
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