APM Fix App Issues Faster and Focus on Innovation with App Analytics
April 17, 2017

Pavan Aripakula
CA Technologies

"Why don't you carry any cash with you?" This was a question my dad asked when he last visited. A simple question, but it got me thinking about my transition into a digitally dominated lifestyle – with endless digital payment options available is cash even necessary anymore?

Embracing technological advancements and integrating them into my daily life has not only changed the way I do things, but also the way I think. I'm a curious person, so I always question how certain app functionalities work and their underlying principles. Not only wondering how it's beneficial for me, but also how it's benefiting the business that provides these services and what's their driving factor? Is it just to increase their revenue, brand recognition, user loyalty, or possibly all three?

Like most people, I've had a mix of good and bad experiences when it comes to apps provided by financial institutions, retailers, entertainment providers, etc. – yet despite trying alternatives, I kept going back, only to be pleasantly surprised that the issues I experienced in the past were no longer present! This surely couldn't have been magic. Well, it turns out, the "magic" is dedicated teams whose primary responsibility is to understand the user behavior and user experience of the services they provide and constantly find ways to make them better and more efficient. But to truly understand these factors, an app analytics tool is essential.

The Importance of App Analytics

So back to my earlier question; what is really keeping businesses on top of their game in this digital age? User experience! It's having the ability to understand how end-users navigate and utilize your services, what some of the common touch points are, and how they spend most of their time in the app.

While a tap on a smartphone to complete the purchase of two dozen donuts for a family event on a wonderful Saturday afternoon might seem like a simple transaction on the surface, the underlying system it relies on to complete the transaction is not so simple. Many times in fact, it requires various transactions working together to create a system that functions seamlessly.

But in reality, none of this matters to your users – they just expect it work. And in this digital age, brand loyalty and brand recognition is critical to the success so it's crucial that when issues occur, they can be fixed quickly.

By utilizing an app analytics tool, operations gains a better understanding of the impact on their infrastructure and developers gain better insight into where to focus their time and resources – potentially cutting hours off the troubleshooting process.

In short, analytics allows you to spend more time focusing on innovation and less time troubleshooting user issues. Keeping both your app team, and most importantly your customers happy.

Pavan Aripakula is Presales Consultant, Application Performance Management, at CA Technologies.

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