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Confessions of an Elastic Meetup Virgin
September 06, 2017

Bryan Whitmarsh
CA Technologies

I recently attended my first Elastic Meetup in Silicon Valley – here are four confessions from my first meetup experience.

I didn't know how many people would attend

Many times, you get a fair number of RSVPs for after-work events like this and then only a fraction actually show up. It's obvious that the Elasticsearch community is very strong. We were hoping for around 100 RSVPs but received 180. Of the 180 RSVPs, more than 40% showed up at the event.

I didn't know the format

The first 30-40 minutes of the meetup were spent eating, drinking, and socializing. People were actually meeting other people at a Meetup … crazy. For the remaining 60-90 minutes two key topics were discussed. Bryan Whitmarsh from CA Technologies (yes, that's me;) explained how we leverage Elasticsearch and shared a number of lessons learned in using Elasticsearch in our Advanced Analytics platform. Next up was Ryan Ernst from Elastic, who talked about what's evolving in Elasticsearch 6.0 and beyond. The audience was so engaged, that attendees even stuck around after the presentations to ask questions and participate in one-on-one discussions.

I didn't know if anyone would ask questions

The audience not only interacted with the presenters, but also with one another, which sparked discussion during and after the event.

Two discussion topics that stood out to me were; a question around if “sparse data” caused a big problem created by a flattened Elasticsearch index scheme (@35:05 in meeting recording) and another regarding the new Elasticsearch 6.0 sequence based replication and if the Translog is used (@1:05:39 in meeting recording).

I didn't know what the makeup of the attendees would be

It was a mixed bag of startups, individual developers, data scientists, and IT workers from all sizes of organizations in the Silicon Valley. Elastic experience varied from newbies to seasoned veterans.

Overall, it was a great experience and provided true value to attendees. Lessons learned were shared, new relationships fostered, and knowledge was transferred in a safe environment. I recommend you find a meetup in your area and become involved in the Elasticsearch community .

To learn more about how CA is leveraging Elasticsearch as the foundation of our Digital Experience Insights solution, watch the video recording of our meetup or read the whitepaper, A Blueprint for Advanced Analytics.

Bryan Whitmarsh is Director, Product Management, at CA Technologies
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