APM Winning the Digital Experience Battleground, Game of Thrones Style
July 11, 2017

Derek Stevens
CA Technologies

There's a battle on the horizon and I'm not just referring to the armies amassing in Westeros.

In today's mobile driven world, failure to provide an exceptional digital experience results in losing your customers to the competition. And in this ever changing and increasingly competitive market, you need to fight to win.

Keep Your Loyal Subjects Happy … Optimize the Customer Journey

A poor app experience will frustrate your customers. Your customer can now engage with your brand through a huge number of digital channels, making it more difficult than ever to ensure they're getting the best possible digital customer experience. In addition, your customers want to access your services where and when they need them, whether that's on the web or a mobile or wearable device. You need to provide a seamless experience across all of your applications.

Understanding customer pain-points and where and when they're dropping off in their journey will give you the visibility that can help you improve your apps and the overall customer experience. Analytics tools that provide deep insights into how, when and where users are interacting with your apps are immensely powerful in helping you understand where you can optimize and how best to keep your customers happy.

Know Your Kingdom … Bolster Your Infrastructure by Improving Digital Performance & Availability

Your customers want to accomplish the goal they set out to complete as fast as possible, whether that's purchasing tickets online or depositing a check from their mobile device. You need to be able to provide fast transactions, as a slow performing app could result in your customers switching allegiances.

But knowing where the issue is occurring can be challenging. An analytics tool can help you quickly pinpoint if the problem is an issue with the infrastructure, code or design. It can also provide visibility from the user's device all the way to the backend systems, so you can quickly repair issues as they occur.

Winter Is Coming … Plan, Strategize and Design with the Customer in Mind

Too often, companies put the cart before the horse and release applications that aren't fine-tuned to their customers' needs. Analytics provide visibility into how users are flowing through your app, what pages their visiting the most, how often their returning and what issues their encountering and will give you the insight you need to provide a great experience for your customers. These insights will allow you to improve your apps for future releases, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Winning the Battle

To win the battle, you need a solution that covers all of these areas and ensures that you're delivering a 5-star application experience. With CA App Experience Analytics, you can gain proactive, real-time insights into user behavior, buyer trends and omnichannel performance for complete visibility into digital performance and customer experience across web, mobile, and wearable devices.

Want to learn more about using analytics to deliver a flawless digital experience? Read the eBook, Actionable Analytics: Delivering a Superior Digital Experience or get started with a free trial of CA App Experience Analytics today.

Derek Stevens is Principal Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies
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