Nexthink Launches Online Community and Learning Academy
June 27, 2017
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Nexthink launched Nexthink Community, an online community where customers, partners and Nexthink employees can share experiences, ideas and information to fully maximize the benefits of the Nexthink end-user experience management platform.

A key component of the new online community is Nexthink Academy, a new online training platform, requested by customers so that they can quickly become proficient on the Nexthink platform and achieve varying levels of certification.

“After listening to the requests of our customers and partners we knew there was huge potential to extend the value that IT can deliver across the business, leveraging the Nexthink platform, but that requires up-to-date and trained IT teams,” said Pedro Bados, CEO, Nexthink. “We will continue investing heavily in Nexthink Community and Nexthink Academy to enable Nexthink users to interact with others and very quickly become expert in using our technology and all the benefits it offers.”

“Nexthink Academy is exactly what we wanted to offer our Nexthink users,” said Michael Welten, technical coordinator, Bunge, a global agribusiness and food company. “Now our team has a place to learn and educate themselves on Nexthink and end-user experience management. They are finding that they not only can better use the product, but they are advancing their overall industry knowledge. Sharing is everything!”

Nexthink Community: Joined by customers, partners and Nexthink employees, Nexthink Community provides a platform for the exchange of information about end-user experience management. The online forum, which is free to join, gives access to key resources, such as a knowledge base of use cases and technical facts, ongoing discussion threads about IT challenges, solutions and best practices, along with Nexthink product downloads and documentation.

Nexthink Academy: Offered as a fee-based service for customers and partners and accessible through the Nexthink Community, Nexthink Academy empowers customers and partners to get more value out of their investment in the Nexthink platform. The Nexthink Academy offers 24/7 online training so that customers can become proficient on Nexthink from whatever device they choose, whenever they wish to learn. The training program offers varying levels of certification – from Basic to Pro to Master levels, as well as two stay-up-to-date modules, which provide either Basic what’s new information on new capabilities, or an Advanced module that provides more technical details on the new features. To attain certification, in addition to the course, participants are given mini-quizzes and videos.

Nexthink Academy offers customers a fast and efficient route to stay abreast of the continuous benefits that Nexthink includes in each new release of the platform.

The Academy also offers partners the opportunity to better market the Nexthink platform and educate customers on its capabilities, as well as gain more technical expertise to provide high value services to customers – from installation and configuration, to support and service.

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