APM Blog

September 15, 2016
Florian Cheval

What is JMS all about? JMS stands for “Java Message Service” and allows application communication to be loosely coupled, reliable and asynchronous ...

September 12, 2016
Pete Goldin

APMdigest has launched a new content-rich section of the site called APM Academy, sponsored by CA Technologies ...

September 12, 2016
Kieran Taylor

Microservices are now a building block of both old and new enterprise applications. Planned or not, microservices adoption is on the rise and it is leading operations teams to define new approaches to microservices monitoring ...

September 12, 2016
Bryan Whitmarsh

Companies collect a massive amount of “data” that can be very valuable and can be their competitive edge as long as they have an effective way to leverage this data. The three key steps that enable data to be as effective as possible are the ability to “Collect” the data, “Normalize” the data, and “Analyze” the data. The ELK product stack provides the necessary tools to support all three steps ...