APM Building Customer Loyalty vs. Brand Loyalty
Is a new generation upping the ante when it comes to digital experience?
October 13, 2017

Amy Feldman
CA Technologies

In today's competitive application economy, it's more difficult than ever to keep your customers happy. With so many options available, consumers will settle for nothing short of the best. But what exactly do customers consider a "five-star experience"?

According to a Harris Poll of US consumers, "83% of U.S. consumers say having a positive experience with a brand is more important than the product itself". The logic being the better the experience, the more likely the consumers will return, hence building brand loyalty. But with new consumers entering the market and new buying trends emerging, does the logic change?

I recently read a Huffington Post article, "8 Key Differences between Gen Z and Millennials", which made me rethink my understanding of using performance and analytics tools to build brand loyalty. Gen Z (those born in 1995 or later) have higher expectations than Millennials and when "it doesn't get there fast they think something is wrong" — abandoning or seeking another alternative.

This doesn't sound too far off from the average mobile user, where about "53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than three second to load". With only three seconds, mobile app analytics and performance tools become critical to delivering a positive customer experience which ultimately influences and helps to build your brand.

Be Loyal to Your Customers – or They Won't Be Loyal to You

However, maybe it's no longer about building brand loyalty but flipping it around so that your digital strategy is focused on building customer loyalty. In the Huffington Post article, Gen Z "expect business, brands and retailers to be loyal to them. If they don't feel appreciated, they're going to move on. It's not about them being loyal to the company."

So there it is, it's about the company being loyal to the customer not customers being loyal to a brand! Building customer loyalty means that you understand your customers, anticipate their needs and build a digital experience that meets their high expectations.

To learn more about building customer loyalty, view the infographic: Connecting Your Brand Across the Customer Journey.

Amy Feldman is Director, Product Marketing, at CA Technologies
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