APM Keep an Eye on Your APIs: How to Spot and Resolve API Performance Issues
May 11, 2018

Derek Stevens
CA Technologies

APIs create the connections that drive today's digital business. They are the communication pathways that allow for the flow of application components and data, enabling companies to quickly build new apps and features and integrate with 3 party services to launch new offerings. Outside of traditional web apps or mobile apps, APIs are also the driving force behind the Internet of Things where they will facilitate the connection to over 75 million connected devices by 2025.

Because APIs are such a critical part of modern applications, they can also pose a big risk. If an API isn't functioning properly, it can have a substantial impact on the performance of your application, the user experience and ultimately, the bottom line. API issues can affect a company of any size, from the technology giants, like Facebook, to the app developer building services around census data. Developing an API monitoring practice sooner rather later will be beneficial as the number of devices, apps and services connected through APIs is only set grow.

Speeding Resolution of API Issues

Ensuring that APIs are performing as expected and having the ability to quickly resolve any issues that occur starts with synthetic monitoring. Synthetic API monitoring allows you to continuously monitor all your internal APIs and the 3rd party APIs your app depends on. Synthetic API Monitoring solutions, like Runscope, provide a 24/7 global view of API performance, uptime and data integrity, enabling you to spot API issues in real-time.

Once a problem is detected, you need the ability to understand what caused the issue. If your APIs are returning the wrong data, your synthetic tool will pick this up and developers can fix the issue, but if it's a performance problem, you need the ability to tie your synthetic checks to backend systems. An Application Performance Monitoring solution that will integrate into your synthetic API monitoring tool will create the complete view of performance from the API to backend components.

By leveraging Runscope and CA Application Performance Management, you'll be able to quickly spot API issues and drill-down into the individual components that caused the issue, speeding mean time to repair and ensuring your customers can go back to the experience they've come to expect. In addition, an app analytics solution will provide you with insight into your customer experience, so if your customers do experience an issue, you can understand which users were affected and how it impacted their experience.

To see Runscope and CA APM in action, watch the short video below.

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Derek Stevens is Principal Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies
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