IM New Year's Resolutions for Your Network Monitoring Software
January 14, 2019

Jeremy Rossbach

It's that time of year again. The time we all put together a list that betters ourselves. Whether it's exercise, quitting a bad habit or just being a little more positive in our daily lives; we all strive to improve many aspects of ourselves. It's also never a bad idea to continually look to improve how IT operations run; specifically our network monitoring software.

It's a new year, so let's see what 2019 and CA and Broadcom have in store for you to improve your network monitoring software strategies and deployments:

Unify Your NetOps Visibility

Today's enterprise relies on highly available network infrastructure. This increasing complex mix of traditional and modern architectures warrants the network engineer to be a "Jack of all trades and master of many".

Three facets of the networks that should be top of the mind for these engineers are “fault", “performance" and “flow". Network engineers and architects must be comfortable and even experts at looking into these three areas of the network stack within a single experience. Every aspect of fault, performance and flow in the network has to be understandable and relatable with adequate depth and correlation for the engineers to arrive at a quick resolution to ensure the application and customer experience.

Be it connectivity with AWS, cloud-based Wi-Fi in the last mile, SD-WAN in data centers or traditional WAN connectivity, the CA Network Operations Analytics portal brings together Fault, Performance and Flow across traditional and modern networks and improves time to value; while making the engineers adept in dealing with network wide scenarios.

Assure Your Software-Defined Deployments

SDN technologies may be a little more mainstream than they were years ago but that doesn't mean your traditional network is going away any time soon either. That's why it is so important that we do traditional and new SDN network monitoring across the entire stack; in a single view to correlate all network activity spanning numerous technologies; across the underlay and overlay layer – in one context and in one dashboard – scaling up and across the old and new networks.

CA's network monitoring software delivers a single operations experience with easy OOTB dashboards for NOC personnel to correlate network health with faults and events for modern technologies like SDN, SD-WAN, NFV, vCPE to traditional SNMP performance, flow and traffic analysis and TCP/Application transport analysis…in one unified platform.

Remove the Cloud Monitoring Gaps

Organizations are moving workloads from on premise data centers to Cloud. This increases the complexity of assuring cloud services and the user experience of cloud applications. Additionally, enterprises today are also running with leaner staff and resources.

With CA Network Operations Analytics, you can manage and monitor cloud workloads along with the user experience. In addition to traditional networks, SDN and SD-WAN you can also monitor AWS Cloud networks. This rich feature set gives end to end visibility from on-premise data centers to connections in the cloud. Our network monitoring software gets comprehensive monitoring metrics on AWS networks like Performance, Fault and Flow which helps in troubleshooting, debugging and identifying the root cause of any outage.

Performance metrics of a AWS network gives insights to KPI's on how the user experience can be impacted. AWS network flow provides usage patterns of AWS workloads and applications. AWS network faults helps in identifying critical network issues and isolated root cause.
CA 's network monitoring software is an all-in one, highly scalable solution for monitoring traditional, SDN, SD-WAN and Cloud networks.

Improve Monitoring with AIOps and Automation

Operations teams continue to struggle and collaborate across cross domain monitoring resulting in increased triage times and modern technologies continue to produce more data than today's teams can manage or even take advantage of – it's time for a change.

CA's AIOps platform with advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques improves collaboration across your operations teams while aggregating the velocity of data coming from various siloed monitoring tools. Use CA's AIOps platform for predictive insights to become more proactive and less reactive. Gaining knowledge of impending network outages before they happen – days or even weeks before they happen makes your NetOps job less stressful as well as helps ensure you are delivering a less stressful user experience to your customers.

Modern networks that can self-heal based on predefined policies and conditions can certainly achieve delivering reliable end user experiences over and over and this is how CA and Broadcom NetOps solutions can help our customers achieve this:

Network Healing (Automation) Use Case:

1. Your modern SD-WAN network is monitored by CA/Broadcom NetOps Suite and you create a threshold event on Loss/Latency or Jitter for a specified application tunnel.

2. When that event occurs, an alarm will be raised in the CA NetOps Portal. As CA Spectrum already has integration with many service desk systems - a ticket will be raised.

3. CA Automic, our industry leading automation engine takes the ticket and automates the necessary steps required at SD-WAN controller to remedy the issue network issue before customers are impacted.

This Self-Healing is really achievable without manual intervention using our NetOps Suite of products.

Jeremy Rossbach is Product Marketing Manager at Broadcom
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