IM The Network Will Rule the World
Modern network monitoring software transforms networks from cost centers to revenue generators
August 03, 2017

Jeremy Rossbach

I finally cut the chord! I got rid of my home phone and cable TV. I've just got the internet and I have to say it's liberating!! I stream everything via my home network. Every time I shop online or dive into another episode of my favorite sitcom, a complex ecosystem of LANs, WANs, wireless and even SDN-powered architectures around the world respond. But if just one component within this ecosystem fails, then my digital experience is screwed.

Digital, social and mobile technologies have become so ubiquitous in our lives that we take their availability and quality for granted. We expect it all to respond immediately. We are completely spoiled and it's not just our expectations that are increasing; demand is too. For example, global networks now deliver four million Google searches every minute and over 200 billion emails and 40 million tweets every day. The network is more important than ever before and it's the most important delivery mechanism for any brand today.

Operational Overload

Yet organizations are finding it harder to meet user demand and expectations as network infrastructures grow in volume and variety. Root causes are tougher to find. Architecture changes are problematic to track. User experiences are difficult to correlate.

The need to keep thousands, even hundreds of thousands of components operational and optimized 24x7 means that today's enterprise networks are often viewed only in terms of their cost and complexity. But networks that are managed, monitored and analyzed with modern network monitoring software can also be efficient business enablers. Networks can save money; they can even generate money.

From Obstacle to Opportunity

As the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence become more embedded in our professional and personal lives, the network and modern network monitoring software will be key to unlocking and sustaining new revenue streams. Together they will track drones as they make deliveries, collect life-saving clinical research data from wearables and clear traffic jams by optimizing traffic light times.

These agility and efficiency gains will only be available to those businesses with best-of-breed network operations and best-of-breed network monitoring software. It's time to stop dismissing the network as an obstacle, and embracing it as an opportunity. It's time to start investing in your network's future.

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Jeremy Rossbach is Product Marketing Manager at Broadcom
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