IM The Top 5 Ways Network Monitoring Removes the Holiday Stress
The top use cases to keep your network operations stress-free during the holidays
December 17, 2018

Jason Normandin

The holidays can be stressful. Whether it's the in-laws, traveling, or that uncle who has no filter when he tells eyebrow raising stories after a couple glasses of wine, we all have enough on our plates during this time of year. CA understands that while we may not be able to help you with that "uncle problem," you shouldn't have to stress out about how your network is performing during the busy holiday season when you have a reliable network monitoring platform doing most of the work for you.

Stay Calm and let CA's network monitoring help:

1. Say goodbye to swivel chair monitoring

Because of rapid advances in networking technology coupled with user demands, network managers often find themselves with way too many network monitoring tools, each designed to manage or monitor a single aspect of the enterprise network and application performance.

Effective network management today starts with one view: a convergence of network operations that enables network managers to perform comprehensive and scalable monitoring and analytics and should always include these four critical factors — one NetOps portal, one OpenAPI, one data collector and one context.

2. Chill out and reduce the noise

Modern network architectures like Cisco ACI have tens of thousands of events defined with hundreds of unique messages and alarms. This many events and faults can flood your network and an operations team's ability to troubleshoot efficiently.

CA's award winning, #1 ranked Network Operations Analytics platform reduces the noise by suppressing non-critical alarms to allow the NOC to focus on the real root cause of any outage for faster triage.

3. Go vintage and still easily embrace the "new"

SDN technologies may be a little more mainstream than they were years ago but that doesn't mean your traditional network is going away any time soon either. That's why it is so important that we do traditional and new SDN network monitoring across the entire stack; in a single view to correlate all network activity spanning numerous technologies; across the underlay and overlay layer – in one context and in one dashboard – scaling up and across the old and new networks.

CA's network monitoring platform delivers a single operations experience with easy OOTB dashboards for NOC personnel to correlate network health with faults and events for modern technologies like ACI, SD-WAN, vCPE to traditional SNMP performance, flow and traffic analysis and TCP/Application transport analysis…in one unified platform.

4. Customize it for you

In today's fast paced IT Operations, getting quickly to the data that matters is critical and when it takes too much time to surface the metrics you need to make a decision - the customer feels the impact. Depending on an individuals role, there are different perspectives of monitoring data that are critical to that roles' responsibilities.

CA's network monitoring solutions use a system of roles and precise permissions sets that greet users with the views and data that are important to their job. Additionally, the advanced and powerful tools available within the NetOps portal can be carefully controlled based on a user's role - only surfacing the appropriate monitoring data to quickly get the task at hand completed. With great power comes great responsibility and the peace of mind of knowing that power can be carefully controlled is a welcomed addition to how your team's do their jobs.

5. Embrace AI and ML

Operations teams continue to struggle and collaborate across cross domain monitoring resulting in increased triage times and modern technologies continue to produce more data than today's teams can manage or even take advantage of — it's time for a change.

CA's AIOps platform with advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques improves collaboration across your operations teams while aggregating the velocity of data coming from various siloed monitoring tools. Use CA's

AIOps platform for predictive insights to become more proactive and less reactive. Gaining knowledge of impending network outages before they happen - days or even weeks before they happen makes your NetOps job less stressful as well as helps ensure you are delivering a less stressful user experience to your customers.

CA Technologies has been providing network monitoring solutions for several decades and has continuously advanced their monitoring platform and analytics to meet the evolution of networking innovations and technologies. We continue to provide advanced capabilities to deploy and monitor new technologies like SDN, SD-WAN, NFV and cloud while delivering the network visibility needed to ensure optimal performance and availability.

Learn the other ways CA's network monitoring solutions can give you stress-free operations here.

Jason Normandin, Product Management, Network Operations, Broadcom
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