APM What Impact Will the iPhone X Have on User Experience?
Take your app to the next level with app analytics
September 25, 2017

Ashley George
CA Technologies

Two weeks ago, during Apple's much anticipated annual keynote event, Apple announced the iPhone X (iPhone ten) – a smartphone that is unlike any iPhone before it. The device features revolutionary Face ID technology and an all new design with edge-to-edge OLED display.

Along with a variety of other enhancements, it's safe to say the iPhone X will provide an all new user experience for iPhone users, but what impact will it have on app developers and app owners?

How Will the iPhone X Affect Your App Experience?

With any new iOS release, comes updated guidelines and features that developers need to consider when building an app. But this release is especially important since it provides capabilities that can be a game changer for your apps if taken advantage of – or an app killer if ignored.

With the majority of current iPhone users, along with new prospective buyers, likely to upgrade to the iPhone X (despite its high price tag) developers and app owners need to ensure their app works seamlessly with the new software to provide the best user experience possible – or risk the app failing.

Avoid App Fails with an App Analytics Solution

By leveraging an app analytics solution, you gain complete insight into your customers' digital experience helping you to quickly determine if an issue with an app lies in the design, code or infrastructure – so you can triage the problem before it impacts the customer experience.

Some of the key features of CA's app analytics solution include:

Usage and performance metrics

Since latency and crashes are likely to occur when running an app on a new software, an app analytics tool will help provide real-time insight into app performance.

User flows

User flows allow you to understand how users interact and navigate through your application – a key component of user experience. View drop off rates by screen, page load times, and even which pages are most popular – all insights which allow you to design the best app for you customer.

Video session playback

Gain an even deeper understanding of the real user experience by viewing the exact user session from start to finish. Here you can see user gestures to gain a better understanding of where users are clicking while navigating through your app and where they may have experienced issues.

Get ahead of the game and start using app analytics today to ensure your apps are ready for the iPhone X! Test it out for yourself by downloading a free 30-day trial, or request a demo to see the full potential of app analytics.

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