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CA's Network Monitoring was a sure bet at CiscoLive '17 Vegas
July 20, 2017

Tim Diep
CA Technologies

Vegas was hot as usual during the last week of June when the North America CiscoLive was held. The reported temperature on Monday June 26 was 115 degrees Fahrenheit but it felt a lot hotter in the sun. At the event inside the Mandalay Bay, it was comfortable with the A/C on but something else was heating up. As you walk the show floor along with the other 20,000+ attendees, analytics (aka machine learning) and network monitoring software were the hottest topics, and got plenty of attention from customers and analysts alike.

Cisco launched its "intent based" networking as a strategy to help enterprises automate and adopt to the application economy. The foundation to realize "intent based" networking is analytics, and network management dubbed DNA Center. Cisco DNA Center is the network management platform backed by network operations analytics.

While intent-based networking is the goal, getting there will take some time. In the meantime, analytics is desperately needed to help enterprises operationalize new modern network architectures. SD-WAN was a hot topic and network monitoring software vendors, old and new, showcased their latest visualizations for SD-WAN.

Another clear take-away from this year's show was that the market seems to be converging on the notion that network management and network monitoring are the killer apps for operations analytics. CA Technologies was proud to showcase our Network Operations and Analytics platform with modern visualizations to help our customers unscramble complex SD-WAN architectures.

Managing the Crowds with Network Monitoring Software

Vegas casinos know how critical managing crowds, resources, and security is to business and the same is true in Cloud and SDN. You need good network monitoring software to manage users, inventories, traffic, and security. And as the casino gets bigger and more crowded while hosting events like CiscoLive and CA World, a more intelligent way to control the crowd, analyze demographics and predict issues is a requirement. In networking, that intelligence is from network operations analytics.

To see a live demo of Network Operations and Analytics from CA Technologies in action, register for our summer live demo series:

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Tim Diep is Sr. Director, Product Management, a CA Technologies
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