BigPanda to Host 2021 Incident Commander Awards
July 26, 2021
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BigPanda announced that nominations are open for the 2021 Incident Commander Awards.

The second annual awards will honor individuals in support, ITOps, DevOps, SRE or in the NOC who go above and beyond when it comes to IT incident response.

BigPanda and Blackrock 3 Partners launched the Incident Commander awards last year as a community-led program designed to give credit to the unsung heroes working in IT Ops, DevOps, SRE and NOC teams around the world.

“Last year’s Incident Commander Awards program put a spotlight on truly amazing individuals nominated by their bosses, peers and customers,” said Rob Schnepp, founding partner of Blackrock 3 Partners and a former fire department Chief Officer and Incident Commander in the San Francisco Bay Area. “If last year’s nominees are any indication, we expect another tough competition between the best-of-the-best in the IT Ops industry.”

In 2020, the Incident Commander awards were launched. After an open nomination process and a peer-voting cycle, five finalists were awarded the title of 2020 Incident Commanders:

- Lynn Deppe, Incident Response Manager at Progressive Leasing (Incident Commander)

- Jackson Hickman, Manager of IT Delivery and Incident Management at Unum (Incident Commander)

- Eric Norman, Head of Operations at InterContinental Hotels Group (Incident Commander)

- Sharmila Sogan Kumar, Senior Manager of the Network Operations Center at LogMeIn (Command Officer)

- David Levinger, Head of Operations at Machinify (Command Officer)

“An Incident Commander has the ability to connect the dots and get a holistic view of things,” said 2020 honoree Sharmila Sogan Kumar. “The experience and knowledge of an Incident Commander help them provide and identify major improvement areas. In the long run, this is extremely useful for product availability, revenue from users, and customer satisfaction.”

About the 2021 Incident Commander Program

To nominate an IT hero who measures personal success by reducing MTTR, visit the Incident Commander nomination page. The nomination process takes just a few minutes.

On Sept. 1, finalist profiles will be posted online, with details about their nomination and brief profiles of their career, philosophies and achievements. Peer voting will be open to the IT Ops community to select the most deserving of this award. Winners will be announced on Sept. 20.

The three lucky Incident Commanders will each receive a $2,500 gift card from Global Giving to donate to the charity of their choice, a Blackrock 3 partners Level 1 Incident Commander training course, a shiny trophy, and BigPanda swag. In addition, those who nominate someone will receive a BigPanda swag pack just for taking a few minutes to recognize someone doing great work in the world.

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