September 27, 2012

Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst at Ovum, talks about his Solution Guide for Application Performance Management, the APM market, and the definition of APM ...

September 25, 2012

Enterprise IT is facing mounting challenges in tracking and delivering network performance, according to a new survey conducted by SevOne.

September 14, 2012

In many organizations, security operations work in siloes to IT Operations. As a result, security vulnerabilities have to be handled twice: once by the SOC groups or security teams, and secondly by the IT Operations team who could not initially identify the issue. Consequently, you cannot establish any automation for information sharing or event correlation between security vulnerabilities and performance issues. Here are 10 tips for efficient SOC/NOC collaborate ...

August 24, 2012

Application performance monitoring has become the focal point of IT operations and management. However, managing application performance is no longer the exclusive responsibility of the application team. Today we see network administration teams – that need to prove “it’s not the network” – also stepping up to participate in diagnosing application performance problems. To accomplish this, there are a number of network-based APM solutions on the market that target network engineers and operations teams. If you’re one of those team members, consider the following as you evaluate new solutions ...

April 03, 2012

With new technologies presenting a broader range of methods for network access and use, the complexities of supporting services across the enterprise are becoming even more challenging. With these challenges in mind, the following three key factors are certain to play significant roles in next-generation network management capabilities and solutions in the years to come ...

November 22, 2010

BSM is all about managing services. Services are made up of hardware and software. Let’s trace the service backward from the human.

Kathy is the human, she interacts with her computer and the software she is using. For this example, let us use a browser based application. Browser talks to the application server over a network and that server typically talks to a backend, like a database, over a network.