SignalFx Embarks on Major European Expansion
December 18, 2018
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SignalFx announced its expansion in EMEA with the opening of a new research and development and support office in Krakow, Poland in Q1, the addition of regional offices, and the hiring of enterprise software veteran Andy Sadler as General Manager, EMEA.

This expansion will enable SignalFx to accelerate product development and provide broader global coverage for its customers.

SignalFx offers a real-time cloud monitoring platform that can identify and directly troubleshoot problems wherever they may lie in today’s increasingly complex cloud-native operating environments. Driven by streaming analytics, the platform’s unique NoSample™ tail-based distributed tracing architecture allows users to observe every single transaction – not just a small sample – filtering findings in real-time to help developers rapidly spot issues and initiate fixes before they impact customers.

“Our customers rely on us to help them head off downtime when just a few extra seconds can cause their brands to take a hit,” said Leonid Igolnik, EVP of Engineering for SignalFx. “Our move to dramatically expand our engineering and support presence in Krakow is reflective of our success in partnering with global customers.”

“We selected Krakow both for its deep base of existing tech talent but also because it’s home to more than 10 universities and approximately 200,000 students, giving us access to strong emerging talent,” Igolnik added.

The new facility joins an existing office in London. SignalFx will also be opening offices in Sweden, the Netherlands, France, and Germany in Q1.

“We are confident in our potential to dominate the EMEA market and know Andy Sadler is the right person to lead the charge for us,” said Mark Cranney, Chief Commercial Officer for SignalFx. “Andy has a long history of quickly ramping the footprint of advanced SaaS companies in Europe while also boosting revenue. We intend to take full advantage of his skills.”

“I am thrilled to join SignalFx. It allows me to take advantage of my two passions – the development of people and rapidly scaling fast-growing companies,” said Sadler. “Recruiting a winning team for a company with an unmatched product portfolio is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

A 22-year enterprise technology veteran, Sadler has had sales leadership positions at PTC, IBM, Bladelogic, BMC Software and Artesian Solutions. He was most recently chief revenue officer at infinity co. Sadler’s proudest professional achievement was the establishment of the BMC Post Graduate Program, featuring six months of intensive sales training for recent MBA graduates.

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