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November 12, 2015
Priyanka Tiwari
SmartBear Software

We talked a lot about the outside in perspective on the performance: the external factors that can hamper your applications' perceived performance, but what about the most critical components of your web and mobile apps? I'm talking about APIs. Internal, external or 3rd party; APIs are most critical to your business ...

November 10, 2015
Kent Erickson

While the use of converged infrastructure is becoming mainstream, the accompanying management tools are still a challenge, according to the third annual global State of Converged Infrastructure survey from Zenoss ...

November 06, 2015
Ananda Rajagopal

As any network administrator can tell you, network traffic doesn't stand still. It is constantly changing and increasing in complexity. Networks have fundamentally changed, and the demands put on them by new technology, customers, mobility, and other factors are forcing IT to develop networks that are more agile and dynamic than ever before. While it seems like IT departments are bombarded with new challenges, there are three major trends that are making it difficult to gain visibility into networks: the increased adoption of virtualized infrastructure, enterprise mobility and the rise in encrypted traffic ...

November 05, 2015
Dirk Paessler
Paessler AG

Return on Investment is a tricky term. It is quite simple to take the total cost of software and amortize it over a period of time. But in the case of network monitoring, that analysis ignores what the software actually does. Put simply, network monitoring gives IT visibility and insight into their infrastructure, helping spot problems before they start, and ensuring uptime and availability. Calculating ROI for such software without acknowledging its impact would be akin to amortizing the cost of a sales enablement tool without considering if it increases sales. A more forward-looking approach that accounts for the software’s impact is necessary, but the analysis is not without its issues ...

November 04, 2015
Ann Ruckstuhl

SOASTA launched a new index called the Consumer Performance Index (CPI), and our first use case: a benchmark study of presidential candidates' websites ...

November 02, 2015
Priyanka Tiwari
SmartBear Software

eCommerce is ever-changing and so are the customers, who are the raison d'être of eCommerce. As you expand your offerings and start catering to different demographics, your competitive landscape becomes more complex. Now you are competition against the companies in your market as well as your historic self. Don't ignore your current and returning customers while running after the new ones. When a single second of page load delay and every instance of poor performance directly hits your bottom line, make baselining the first step of your performance optimization strategy ...

October 29, 2015
Jeff Loeb

All companies rely on having a fast and efficient network. Ensuring optimal network performance is no easy feat for IT teams that are tasked with keeping networks running efficiently and effectively around the clock. A new report from Ipswitch proved that this is a major concern for IT teams coping with increasing complexity – when asked what their top challenge would be in 2016, IT infrastructure and application performance monitoring was the second-leading response ...

October 27, 2015
James Gillies
Logfiller Limited

Recent advances in end-point monitoring are going in the direction of precise user experience measurement as opposed to conventional performance/machine-level monitoring. Knowing that systems are up and running is not the same as knowing that users are getting efficient use of them. These two elements generate data streams revealing distinct realities; while an enterprise's APM tools may indicate that specific applications are humming right along, it may not reveal frequent, frustrating wait times and access problems encountered across much of internal users' usage time ...

October 26, 2015
Klaus Enzenhofer

Mastering digital performance is one of the leading challenges of the web economy, and requires a joint effort between IT and the lines of business. It means measuring and managing the end-to-end transaction delivery and translating it into actionable information. This will allow you to deliver an engaging digital experience, thus maximizing revenue and improving brand loyalty. This gets a lot easier if you simply monitor a handful of key application performance metrics. This blog describes four good ones to get started with ...

October 23, 2015
Paola Moretto

Performance Testing (aka synthetic testing) and APM (Application Performance Management and monitoring solutions) are often regarded as two competing solutions, as if one were an alternative to the other. They are actually perfect complementary tools to achieve optimal performance for your application. Whether you develop web applications, SaaS products or mobile apps, you‘ll find both approaches to be absolutely necessary in your software operations. Here, I explain why ...

October 21, 2015
John Blumenthal

Configuration changes are the number one cause of application disruptions, according to the CloudPhysics annual VMworld IT user survey ...

October 19, 2015
Sven Hammar

The holiday shopping rush is soon upon us and the only thing we can be certain of is that online shopping of gifts will continue to increase. But also that many e-customers will be disappointed with their online shopping experiences. Response time is money. With this in mind, here are my top ten tips for e-commerce success this holiday season ...

October 16, 2015
Aaron Kelly

The influx of wearable technology in the workplace is causing security, support and bandwidth issues, according to Ipswitch’s 2015 Wearable Technology Survey. The survey revealed that issues emerging from wearable devices connecting to company networks are creating concerns for IT teams ...

October 15, 2015
Priyanka Tiwari
SmartBear Software

Because good things come to those who refuse to wait! Your customers don’t want to wait as your website takes more than a blink of an eye to load. They won’t forgive you for slower websites or ill-functional apps ...

October 13, 2015
Matthew Dubie
CA Technologies

Let's go back in time. Think of when your applications used to run from a single server and when the monolithic enterprise management software approach was more than enough to effectively monitor them. I know those days may have been just 10 years ago, but given the fast pace of the tech industry, those are officially our dark ages. Now, let's fast-forward to the present application economy in which your customers are demanding higher quality applications faster than ever before. To meet these new expectations, the infrastructure of the application has evolved; inevitably becoming more sophisticated and ultimately more complex ...

October 09, 2015
Anand Akela

It probably seems obvious to you that Application Performance Management (APM) is important, but you will likely need to answer the question of APM importance to someone like your boss or the company CFO that wants to know why she must pay for it. In order to qualify the importance of APM, let's consider the alternatives to adopting an APM solution and assess the impact in terms of resolution effort and elapsed downtime ...

October 08, 2015
Jackie Kahle
CA Technologies

A new global survey reveals the top traits of companies who are disrupting their competitors and transforming into successful software-driven, digital businesses. Here's what you can learn from them ...

October 06, 2015
Priyanka Tiwari
SmartBear Software

eCommerce is relevant across all industries and it's growing at an exponential rate. Everyone who provides eCommerce understands the significance of website or mobile application performance and how it directly hits the bottom line. And those who are new to eCommerce have started realizing the monetary consequences of page loads and bounce rates. Poor eCommerce performance directly hits your bottom line. No matter what industry you are in, you should be monitoring your websites, web applications and mobile applications to ensure that your customers and end users can do what they wish to do ...

October 01, 2015
Krishnan Badrinarayanan
Riverbed Technology

Every year, the number of consumers who shop online rises, and that traffic increase invariably leads to crashing web sites, unhappy customers and lost sales. Application performance directly impacts business performance. Providing high-performing applications 24/7 is critical, but that is easier said than done with complex applications that must work in environments spanning the cloud, middleware, third-party services and diverse networks. Effectively managing application performance requires broad and deep visibility across all of this, and your preparations for the crush of the holiday shopping season should begin today ...

September 28, 2015
Kent Alstad

Is your website slow to load? Page size and complexity are two of the main factors you need to consider. Looking back at the trends over the last five years, the average site has ballooned from just over 700KB to 2,135KB. That’s over a 200% increase in five years! The number of requests have grown as well, from around 70 to about 100 ...