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March 06, 2019
Jay Botelho

IT teams have been grumbling about how much time they spend troubleshooting the network for years, but new research suggests that their complaints are more than just casual venting. In order to better understand the networking issues that modern IT teams face, LiveAction recently commissioned a survey of IT and network professionals at large enterprises ...

February 28, 2019
Keith Bromley

The education sector is undergoing significant change. National enrollment for higher education has declined. In one effort to respond to decreased admissions, many colleges and universities are focusing on a student-centered experience. However, implementing this new digital technology is not enough. Colleges and universities also need to ensure appropriate network and application performance for their remote distance learning feeds ...

February 25, 2019
Anirban Chatterjee

Digital transformation has become a necessary process for most large enterprises. Many who haven't embraced digital transformation have paid the consequences — they are ill-equipped to compete with more agile organizations, and they have become less relevant ...

February 19, 2019
Chris Siakos

This is a classic scenario which continues to plague Network, Application and IT leaderships teams. The toolsets tell a good story showing "green" yet the complaints keep coming. Lots of questions, very few answers ...

February 14, 2019
Amit Sharma

Part 3 of our three-part blog series on the shortcomings of traditional APM solutions for monitoring microservices based applications explains how the alerting and troubleshooting capabilities of traditional APM do not address the evolving requirements of monitoring microservices based applications ...

February 13, 2019
Amit Sharma

In a digital world where the speed of innovation matters, are you anchored down by legacy APM agents? ...

February 12, 2019
Amit Sharma

In a digital world where customer experience defines your business, is your APM solution doing its job? This may seem like a strange question to open a technical blog on Application Performance Management (APM), but it's not. With customer experience today largely driven by software, we think there's no more important question to ask ...

February 11, 2019
April Souza

According to the NetEnrich 2019 Cloud Adoption survey, 68% of enterprise IT departments are using public cloud infrastructure today, and 27% of respondents said that doing so is part of their near-term plan ...

February 07, 2019
Alastair Hartrup
Network Critical

Having the right tools and good visibility are critical to understanding what's going on in your network and applications. However, as networks become more complex and hybrid in nature, organizations can no longer afford to be reactive and rely only on portable diagnostic tools. They need real-time, comprehensive visibility ...

February 06, 2019
Archana Kesavan

When building out new services, SaaS providers need to keep in mind a set of best practices and "habits of success," which cover their organization's culture, relationships with third-party providers and customers, and overall strategic decisions and operational know-how. If you're a SaaS application provider, here are five considerations you need to keep in mind ...

February 01, 2019
Jason Baudreau
NetBrain Technologies

An application on your network is running slow. Before you even understand what the problem is, the network is blamed for the issue. This puts network teams in a dangerous position — guilty until proven innocent. Even when network teams are sure an issue doesn't stem from a network problem, they are still forced to prove it, spending sometimes significant amounts of time going through troubleshooting processes, looking for a problem that doesn't exist ...

January 31, 2019
Keith Bromley

Tap and SPAN. It's the same thing, right? That answer would be wrong. Some network engineers may not know the difference, but there are definitely clear and distinct differences between these two types of devices. Understanding these differences will help you elevate your game when it comes to network performance monitoring and application performance monitoring ...

January 30, 2019
Patricia Diaz-Hymes
Lakeside Software

As with managing people, choosing one style of monitoring over the other can lead to specific outcomes, particularly as it pertains to visibility into the performance and needs of the IT estate. That is why I argue that Digital Experience Monitoring can be successfully coupled with Application Performance Management for an accurate view into the environment that is not fragmented but augmented ...

January 29, 2019
Jay Botelho

As networks incorporate new technologies like software-defined networking (SDN) and public and private clouds, network visibility becomes a significant challenge if IT doesn't have tools designed for a hybrid network environment. That lack of visibility can lead to major problems at network edge locations that frustrate users, reduce worker productivity and cost the business money. What are some of the visibility challenges facing these modern networks? ...

January 28, 2019
Subbu Iyer
Riverbed Technology

The Riverbed Retail Digital Trends Survey 2019 reveals that it's essential to provide consumers with engaging online and in-store digital experiences if brick-and-mortar retailers want to remain relevant — or risk losing their business ...

January 25, 2019
Subbu Iyer
Riverbed Technology

Brick-and-mortar retailers are more apt to grow and maintain a loyal customer base if they invest in the digital experience they offer shoppers both online and in-store, according to the Riverbed Retail Digital Trends Survey 2019 ...

January 24, 2019
Don Boxley

Many enterprises are pursuing a hybrid IT strategy involving integrated on-premises systems and off-premises cloud/hosted resources. This pursuit will create application performance issues stemming from one key area: leveraging the public internet ...

January 23, 2019
Len Rosenthal
Virtual Instruments

This time last year, we predicted that IT managers were going to move away from the "hybrid data center" and finally realize the reality of the "hybrid application" – and this year, we saw that prediction of an increased focus on applications come to pass, as organizations increasingly made buying and deployment decisions based on the needs of their applications ...

January 22, 2019
Jerry Melnick
SIOS Technology

Not surprisingly, organizations will expand the use of cloud services in 2019 for both existing and new applications, further accelerating the migration of workloads from the datacenter to the cloud. With IT staff now becoming more comfortable in the cloud, their concerns about HA and DR will also begin to ease ...

January 11, 2019
Jonah Kowall

I would like to highlight some of the predictions made at the start of 2018, and how those have panned out, or not actually occurred. I will review some of the predictions and trends from APMdigest's 2018 APM Predictions. Here is Part 2 ...