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January 20, 2016
Brendan Crowe

A typical IT organization expends close to 70% of its human and capital resources maintaining an ever-growing inventory of applications and supporting infrastructure. A lot of this effort is simply misdirected as the organization doesn't need a significant portion of these applications because they are simply not integral to the day-to-day functioning of its business ...

January 14, 2016
Dirk Paessler
Paessler AG

New Year's resolutions aren't always the easiest to keep, but for IT workers, we have a few suggestions that will work wonders in 2016. Network and systems administrators do important work that keep businesses operating, yet are often overworked and overlooked. But this year, if they resolve to monitor their networks, they'll improve performance, productivity and perhaps even work a little less. Here are five easy ways IT can solve common problems with network monitoring in 2016 ...

January 12, 2016
Pradyut Roy

It is imperative that enterprises start preparing their monitoring capabilities to withstand the barrage of mobile devices that will come into their environment over the next few years. Here are some ways Application Performance Management can help enterprises deal with the influx of mobile devices ...

January 11, 2016
Steve Brar
Riverbed Technology

A new survey revealed a major performance gap between the needs of business and IT’s current ability to deliver – 98% of executives agree that optimal enterprise application performance is critical to achieving optimal business performance. And yet, 89% of executives say the poor performance of enterprise applications has negatively impacted their work, and 58% say it impacts their work at least weekly. This performance gap is causing a series of problems for companies, from lost revenue and customers to lower morale to negative impact on brand image ...

January 08, 2016
Troy McAlpin

If your critical business applications go down, or even run below peak level, your business pays a tremendous price. When a major IT incident occurs, engaging the right people quickly to restore service and manage communications is crucial. But security and business incidents occur so regularly that we aren't even surprised anymore when they happen. They come in the form of data breaches, malware attacks, power outages, intermittent service availability and performance degradation to name a few ...

January 07, 2016
Alois Mayr

Container use is soaring, according to a recent survey which shows 93% of respondents are now using or are planning to use container technology. But without a proven approach to monitoring your container environment’s success can be derailed quickly ...

January 06, 2016
Todd DeCapua
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

It's a new year and the fight for market share amongst all enterprises has never been fiercer. Organizations compete for customers on multiple fronts — in person, on the web, and via mobile applications. Today, it's not enough to churn out applications, products, and services faster than the competition. Anything that fails to meet a high performance standard could cause a serious loss of brand value, revenue, and the ability to attract and maintain customers and competitive advantage. Here are three predictions for what we can expect in 2016 ...

January 04, 2016
Srinivas Ramanathan
eG Innovations

One can safely say that Application Performance Management (APM) will grow even further in importance in 2016 as businesses turn to application software to operate their key internal and external processes. But we can also expect some changes in the focus of APM purchasers and software vendors in 2016 ...

December 30, 2015
Aaron Kelly

The end of the year is a busy time for coming together with family and friends and reflecting back on the year that was. However, it can also be a time for great stress and anxiety if you happen to be the member of a busy IT team. According to a new report by Ipswitch that polled 378 IT professionals across the US, we found there is as much New Year stress as there is joyfulness to go around in 2016 ...

December 29, 2015
Bogdan Viher
Comtrade System Software and Tools

As the IT world increasingly moves toward “single pane of glass” management consoles, customers are looking to understand ...

December 15, 2015
Sven Hammar

It is the busiest time of the year in many retail industries, and there is a substantial uptick in customers looking to spend money. The National Retail Federation notes that online shoppers are expected to spend $105 billion during the 2015 holiday season. The following four tips can help online retailers get the most out of the holiday season traffic boom ...

December 14, 2015
Matthieu Silbermann

Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, retailers and buyers alike must ensure that their resources are dependable. Not only will stores need to utilize advanced shopping technology, but also systems to support their apps and devices that are running on all cylinders ...

December 11, 2015
Ann Ruckstuhl

The greatly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters December 18, and sci-fi fans around the world will be lining up to see the latest addition to the iconic series. And they are well prepared for the full Star Wars experience, according to the findings of the latest survey from SOASTA. The survey found that Star Wars fans are counting on website performance ...

December 10, 2015
Mandana Javaheri

The network is the unsung hero of any business; transporting information — actually, business value — to and from every resource, application, and employee, functioning quietly and invisibly in the background. Until there is a problem. The central network used to be the IT professional's primary concern. Now, remote and edge networks are a vital part of every organization. Savvy businesses monitor network performance and security all the way to the edge, giving them key insights on how to optimize business and improve operations. Let's look at 10 key insights worth monitoring from remote networks ...

December 09, 2015
Bassam Khan

Managing desktops often means working in the dark — users rarely provide feedback unless something goes wrong. We set out to find out what a good desktop means for users. The AppSense 2015 Desktop Experience study gave us metrics on perception of what is good performance, what happens when good performance is not delivered, why users want personalization, and how productivity is tied into all of these ...

December 08, 2015
Sven Dummer

The process of choosing logging software can seem daunting. The following are major elements of a good log strategy and can also serve as checklist items when you shop for a log management solution ...

December 07, 2015
Sven Dummer

We all know log files. We all use log data. But the days where those practices would suffice for operational troubleshooting are long gone. Today, you need a solid log strategy. Log data has become big data and is more relevant to your success than ever before. Not being able to manage it and make meaningful use of it can, in the worst case, kill your business ...

December 04, 2015
Sharon Bell

We've all heard the statistics about the impact of page loading time – how the majority of visitors will leave your site if it does not load within a few seconds. But the poor performance of your website can have even greater – and potentially surprising – impacts on your business ...

December 03, 2015
Jonah Kowall

The Internet is an amazing medium for anyone looking to articulate an opinion. Everyone should practice writing and expressing themselves, as it's a great tool to build throughout life. The ability to publish information is everyone's right. However, credibility is a whole different challenge. Why do we trust what is published in the New York Times, but don't trust what is published in the tabloids? It comes down to rigor in journalistic practices. In research, it's also tied to a strict methodology or process ...

December 01, 2015
Mike Marks

The end user is at the center of converged "next generation" computing services that integrate cloud, mobility, and virtualization. The average workforce user relies on at least 3 devices per day. And the workforce relies on a whole set of applications which may or may not be under IT's control. The opportunity is clear. IT must manage all of these technologies in a seamless way to ensure they deliver excellent service. But if the opportunity is clear, so is the challenge to IT ...