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February 16, 2015
Scott Hollis

Ensuring application performance is a never ending task that involves multiple products, features and best practices. There is no one process, feature, or product that does everything. A good place to start is pre-production and production monitoring with both an APM tool and a Unified Monitoring tool ...

February 09, 2015
Aruna Ravichandran
CA Technologies

As with anything new (or relatively new) as is the case with DevOps, enterprises are clamoring to embrace it. Why not you might say? With surveys showing impressive results and business sounding benefits, analysts giving it their blessing, and vendors touting their wares, this newest best practice is at the top of the new year’s enterprise shopping list – the top “must do” item on the 2015 list of must do’s. But like shoppers who dive feet first into a holiday or clearance sale looking for a great deal, enterprises should think carefully about what they’re actually investing in. Sure, DevOps is a great way to accelerate all the benefits from digital transformation, but there are also many pitfalls, hurdles and gotchas that could quickly turn your DevOps business “bargain” into yet another IT white elephant. Here are just a few to chew over as you look to take the wrapping off and open up the DevOps gift to your enterprise ...

February 05, 2015
Mehdi Daoudi

Of all the ways that web performance has come out of the shadows and into mainstream public consciousness, there is no more prevalent example than the fiasco of 2013. The Affordable Care Act’s primary means of providing universal health care to the American public encountered problems from the very moment that it was launched on October 1, and quickly drew all the worst kind of attention. In the face of massive public outcry, the site underwent a huge optimization process to fix the myriad of problems plaguing it, ultimately resulting in much better load times for the remainder of its inaugural sign-up period. As such, when it came time in late 2014 for the 2015 enrollment period to begin, the expectation was that, with a full year to apply optimization techniques, the Department of Health & Human Services would be able to get running with strong performance ...

February 02, 2015
Tim Zonca
Puppet Labs

Market demand for DevOps skills is growing, and DevOps engineers are among the highest paid IT practitioners today, according to the DevOps Salary Report ...

January 29, 2015
Aaron Kelly

The Super Bowl may be the sports highlight of the year in the United States – an unofficial holiday of sorts – but it’s also big business for the advertising world. The average advertisement cost for the 2015 game is expected to be approximately $4 million per 30 second slot with more than 50 commercials set to air. While the game is the headline event, there is considerable attention paid to the advertisements that will run throughout. So what does this have to do with system administrators or your corporate network? A great deal more than you might think ...

January 28, 2015
Vic Nyman
BlueStripe Software

In APMdigest’s recent article on predictions for 2015, I gave my insight on the year: "2015 will mark a significant shift in the way that APM tools are used by IT Operations teams." I wanted to elaborate on why this shift will accelerate in 2015 ...

January 26, 2015
Srinivas Ramanathan
eG Innovations

eG Innovations released key predictions for the Application Performance Management industry in 2015 ...

January 23, 2015
Bruce Kosbab
Fluke Networks

Historically the network has been considered as a separate, well-defined entity, making it relatively straightforward to write tools to understand and analyze its performance. These fall into two categories: Network Management Systems (NMS) and packet capture and analysis tools ...

January 22, 2015
Antonio Piraino

There has been a significant increase in the number or companies leveraging hybrid IT— or the ability to burst to the public cloud to meet fluctuating computing and business requirements, according to ScienceLogic's Hybrid IT survey results from IT departments at more than 1,200 global organizations ...

January 19, 2015
Payal Chakravarty

More than 70 percent of companies recognize that IT infrastructure plays an important role in enabling competitive advantage or optimizing revenue and profit. However, despite this recognition, only 22 percent have a well-defined enterprise IT infrastructure strategy, according to an IBM Institute for Business Value report, Continuing the IT Infrastructure Conversation: Why Building a Strong Foundation Requires More Than Technology.

January 15, 2015
Sergio Galindo
GFI Software

Employers of more than one-third of those surveyed (38.6 percent) had suffered a major IT disruption caused by staff visiting questionable and other non-work related web sites with work-issued hardware, resulting in malware infection and other related issues, according to a survey conducted by GFI Software ...

January 13, 2015
Steven Wastie

Nearly half of IT leadership and operations personnel identify improving operational efficiency as their number one near-term internal priority, and nearly one-third say big data analytics is their top deliverable goal, according to a survey by AppDynamics ...

January 09, 2015
Srinivas Ramanathan
eG Innovations

eG Innovations released the results of the first global survey - of more than 600 Citrix professionals - that explores the current state of Citrix performance management ...

January 07, 2015
Aaron Rudger

Companies have been putting tremendous effort into improving the performance of their Web and mobile channels to ensure a successful end user experience. This past holiday season, it was put to test as sales on mobile devices were the highest they’ve ever been, accounting for 55 percent of e-commerce traffic on Black Friday and 412 percent on Cyber Monday. Keynote recently monitored and measured the experience of 16 native iOS and Android apps from eight top retailers. Not surprisingly, the study reported that 8 out of every 10 apps experienced a failure in the 2 week period ...

January 05, 2015
Gerardo Dada

Applications are the heart of all critical business functions and an essential component to nearly every end user’s job, affecting productivity, end user satisfaction and ultimately revenue. And at the heart of nearly every application is a database. This means when an application performance or availability problem arises, there’s a good chance it’s associated with the underlying database’s performance ...

January 02, 2015
Steve Riley

The following are five trends regarding the hybrid enterprise in 2015 provided by Riverbed ...

December 30, 2014
Sasha Gilenson

With IT operations becoming even more agile and business demands growing at a blinding pace, IT organizations will need to adapt even more to support and manage fast changing business requirements. A solution is automation, and IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) becoming an integral part of IT automation ...

December 29, 2014
Bruce Kosbab
Fluke Networks

The borderless enterprise will become a topic of increasing prevalence in 2015. This phenomenon is being driven by the adoption of cloud, mobile devices and wireless access. The underlying technologies have acted as a catalyst for the transformation currently taking place in what has traditionally been thought of as the enterprise network. As far as the enterprise itself is concerned, the perimeters are disappearing. As borderless enterprises proliferate, IT teams are experiencing new difficulties in ensuring Quality of Experience while continuing to support the business objectives of their workforce. The five greatest challenges for ensuring Quality of Experience in a borderless enterprise include ...

December 22, 2014
Daniel Okine

In its second annual “Happy Holidays?” survey, Ipswitch surveyed more than 200 IT professionals to gauge the impact of their job on the ability to enjoy the holiday season. To the surprise of no one, IT pros, yet again, are getting scrooged by some of the most common network issues or “grinches.” Taking a deeper dive into the data reveals ...

December 19, 2014
Maneesh Joshi

In addition to our predictions on APMdigest's list of 15 Predictions for 2015, AppDynamics offers some additional predictions ...