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December 11, 2015
Ann Ruckstuhl

The greatly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters December 18, and sci-fi fans around the world will be lining up to see the latest addition to the iconic series. And they are well prepared for the full Star Wars experience, according to the findings of the latest survey from SOASTA. The survey found that Star Wars fans are counting on website performance ...

December 10, 2015
Mandana Javaheri

The network is the unsung hero of any business; transporting information — actually, business value — to and from every resource, application, and employee, functioning quietly and invisibly in the background. Until there is a problem. The central network used to be the IT professional's primary concern. Now, remote and edge networks are a vital part of every organization. Savvy businesses monitor network performance and security all the way to the edge, giving them key insights on how to optimize business and improve operations. Let's look at 10 key insights worth monitoring from remote networks ...

December 09, 2015
Bassam Khan

Managing desktops often means working in the dark — users rarely provide feedback unless something goes wrong. We set out to find out what a good desktop means for users. The AppSense 2015 Desktop Experience study gave us metrics on perception of what is good performance, what happens when good performance is not delivered, why users want personalization, and how productivity is tied into all of these ...

December 08, 2015
Sven Dummer

The process of choosing logging software can seem daunting. The following are major elements of a good log strategy and can also serve as checklist items when you shop for a log management solution ...

December 07, 2015
Sven Dummer

We all know log files. We all use log data. But the days where those practices would suffice for operational troubleshooting are long gone. Today, you need a solid log strategy. Log data has become big data and is more relevant to your success than ever before. Not being able to manage it and make meaningful use of it can, in the worst case, kill your business ...

December 04, 2015
Sharon Bell

We've all heard the statistics about the impact of page loading time – how the majority of visitors will leave your site if it does not load within a few seconds. But the poor performance of your website can have even greater – and potentially surprising – impacts on your business ...

December 03, 2015
Jonah Kowall

The Internet is an amazing medium for anyone looking to articulate an opinion. Everyone should practice writing and expressing themselves, as it's a great tool to build throughout life. The ability to publish information is everyone's right. However, credibility is a whole different challenge. Why do we trust what is published in the New York Times, but don't trust what is published in the tabloids? It comes down to rigor in journalistic practices. In research, it's also tied to a strict methodology or process ...

December 01, 2015
Mike Marks

The end user is at the center of converged "next generation" computing services that integrate cloud, mobility, and virtualization. The average workforce user relies on at least 3 devices per day. And the workforce relies on a whole set of applications which may or may not be under IT's control. The opportunity is clear. IT must manage all of these technologies in a seamless way to ensure they deliver excellent service. But if the opportunity is clear, so is the challenge to IT ...

November 30, 2015
Sven Hammar

Cyber Monday is here and it is instrumental to keep your e-commerce platform in perfect health. Key areas to keep an eye on are usage and load characteristics — they are gauges for interpreting how much work an online platform performs, and how well it performs under stress ...

November 24, 2015
Ann Ruckstuhl

What attributes do consumers expect from shopping sites? It's a question of critical importance to Internet retailers. At this time of the year, retail and ecommerce businesses are bracing for 15% more holiday shoppers than last year. What can they do to ensure that they get a generous slice of the holiday pie? ...

November 23, 2015
Derek Stevens
CA Technologies

The Black Friday digital swarm is approaching. Are you prepared? Sure your infrastructure is ready to scale, you've issued a production code freeze, and you're actively monitoring your applications with Application Performance Management (APM), but many organizations are overlooking one major component that can have a direct impact on Black Friday revenue: the mobile app ...

November 13, 2015
Mike Azevedo

Tremendous temporary surges in Web purchase activity are a fact of life in retail. If prognosticators are right, e-retailers may be under more pressure to keep their sites up and running this holiday season. Unfortunately, e-commerce sites can fail to handle a highly concentrated number of transactions ...

November 12, 2015
Priyanka Tiwari
SmartBear Software

We talked a lot about the outside in perspective on the performance: the external factors that can hamper your applications' perceived performance, but what about the most critical components of your web and mobile apps? I'm talking about APIs. Internal, external or 3rd party; APIs are most critical to your business ...

November 10, 2015
Kent Erickson

While the use of converged infrastructure is becoming mainstream, the accompanying management tools are still a challenge, according to the third annual global State of Converged Infrastructure survey from Zenoss ...

November 06, 2015
Ananda Rajagopal

As any network administrator can tell you, network traffic doesn't stand still. It is constantly changing and increasing in complexity. Networks have fundamentally changed, and the demands put on them by new technology, customers, mobility, and other factors are forcing IT to develop networks that are more agile and dynamic than ever before. While it seems like IT departments are bombarded with new challenges, there are three major trends that are making it difficult to gain visibility into networks: the increased adoption of virtualized infrastructure, enterprise mobility and the rise in encrypted traffic ...

November 05, 2015
Dirk Paessler
Paessler AG

Return on Investment is a tricky term. It is quite simple to take the total cost of software and amortize it over a period of time. But in the case of network monitoring, that analysis ignores what the software actually does. Put simply, network monitoring gives IT visibility and insight into their infrastructure, helping spot problems before they start, and ensuring uptime and availability. Calculating ROI for such software without acknowledging its impact would be akin to amortizing the cost of a sales enablement tool without considering if it increases sales. A more forward-looking approach that accounts for the software’s impact is necessary, but the analysis is not without its issues ...

November 04, 2015
Ann Ruckstuhl

SOASTA launched a new index called the Consumer Performance Index (CPI), and our first use case: a benchmark study of presidential candidates' websites ...

November 02, 2015
Priyanka Tiwari
SmartBear Software

eCommerce is ever-changing and so are the customers, who are the raison d'être of eCommerce. As you expand your offerings and start catering to different demographics, your competitive landscape becomes more complex. Now you are competition against the companies in your market as well as your historic self. Don't ignore your current and returning customers while running after the new ones. When a single second of page load delay and every instance of poor performance directly hits your bottom line, make baselining the first step of your performance optimization strategy ...

October 29, 2015
Jeff Loeb

All companies rely on having a fast and efficient network. Ensuring optimal network performance is no easy feat for IT teams that are tasked with keeping networks running efficiently and effectively around the clock. A new report from Ipswitch proved that this is a major concern for IT teams coping with increasing complexity – when asked what their top challenge would be in 2016, IT infrastructure and application performance monitoring was the second-leading response ...

October 27, 2015
James Gillies
Logfiller Limited

Recent advances in end-point monitoring are going in the direction of precise user experience measurement as opposed to conventional performance/machine-level monitoring. Knowing that systems are up and running is not the same as knowing that users are getting efficient use of them. These two elements generate data streams revealing distinct realities; while an enterprise's APM tools may indicate that specific applications are humming right along, it may not reveal frequent, frustrating wait times and access problems encountered across much of internal users' usage time ...