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January 02, 2015
Steve Riley

The following are five trends regarding the hybrid enterprise in 2015 provided by Riverbed ...

December 30, 2014
Sasha Gilenson

With IT operations becoming even more agile and business demands growing at a blinding pace, IT organizations will need to adapt even more to support and manage fast changing business requirements. A solution is automation, and IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) becoming an integral part of IT automation ...

December 29, 2014
Bruce Kosbab
Fluke Networks

The borderless enterprise will become a topic of increasing prevalence in 2015. This phenomenon is being driven by the adoption of cloud, mobile devices and wireless access. The underlying technologies have acted as a catalyst for the transformation currently taking place in what has traditionally been thought of as the enterprise network. As far as the enterprise itself is concerned, the perimeters are disappearing. As borderless enterprises proliferate, IT teams are experiencing new difficulties in ensuring Quality of Experience while continuing to support the business objectives of their workforce. The five greatest challenges for ensuring Quality of Experience in a borderless enterprise include ...

December 22, 2014
Daniel Okine

In its second annual “Happy Holidays?” survey, Ipswitch surveyed more than 200 IT professionals to gauge the impact of their job on the ability to enjoy the holiday season. To the surprise of no one, IT pros, yet again, are getting scrooged by some of the most common network issues or “grinches.” Taking a deeper dive into the data reveals ...

December 19, 2014
Maneesh Joshi

In addition to our predictions on APMdigest's list of 15 Predictions for 2015, AppDynamics offers some additional predictions ...

December 15, 2014
Alon Girmonsky

Black Friday may be behind us for another year, but Free Shipping Day is just around the corner. On the 18th of December, nearly 1,000 online stores will offer free shipping for last minute holiday shoppers. If you're one of these 1,000 retailers, no doubt you're rigorously stress testing your sites and apps to ensure they will run smoothly on the big day. But is your testing enough to guarantee a smooth shopping day for your customers? ...

December 12, 2014
Brad Reinboldt
Network Instruments

Most security experts agree that the rapidly changing nature of malware, hack attacks and government espionage practically guarantees your IT infrastructure will be compromised. Once an attacker is within the network, it can be very difficult to identify and eliminate the threat without deep-packet inspection. The right APM solution that includes network forensics can help IT operations deliver superior performance for users, and when incorporated into your IT security initiatives, deep packet inspection can provide an extra level of support to existing antivirus software, Intrusion Detection System and Data Loss Prevention solutions ...

December 09, 2014
Mehdi Daoudi

With all this talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you may not have realized that China’s Singles Day on November 11 officially became the world’s biggest eCommerce event last year, and it exceeded those results this year. Sites had to be prepared for the huge spike in traffic, and those that suffered performance and availability issues surely lost out on revenue as their customers went to competitors’ sites instead. In particular, US and international retailers targeting China for Singles Day faced the tough road of competing head-to-head with Chinese companies. To have any chance of success, these foreign retailers targeting China have to deliver superior website speed and availability ...

December 05, 2014
Dave Gibson
Reveille Software

End users are increasingly demanding. ECM systems, and their supporting IT and application teams, know this all too well. How often have you heard, “It’s taking forever to download a document,” or “search is taking forever!” Two big problems are revealed - what do these ambiguous performance comments mean in terms of measured ECM application service levels AND why are you hearing about this problem from your end user? These problems lead to more questions. How do you diagnose the issue? What does forever mean? Why does the user know about their performance problems before you do? ...

December 01, 2014
Jim Swepson

We are a society on the verge of something new – The Internet of Things. “IoT” is a growing concept that is being taken seriously by the IT industry. For me I see IoT changing the way society interacts with not just each other but with our everyday devices and appliances. The backbone of this potential new world is the internet or the network and understanding the connectivity and how applications and will perform on the growing number of devices and appliances can only gain in importance ...

November 28, 2014
Erwan Paccard

Mobile has become embedded into every aspect of the sales process. Not only are more shoppers than ever (56%) using mobile devices to make purchases, they are using smartphones and tablets every step of the way from browsing to comparing and then finally purchasing. So, this is forcing retailers to take a good hard look at their entire holiday e-commerce and retail strategy ...

November 25, 2014
Amir Rozenberg
Perfecto Mobile

This upcoming 2014 holiday season is going to have consumers looking to spend more and using their mobile device to do so. For a successful mobile shopping season, retailers need to look at two key initiatives on performance and availability of their applications ...

November 24, 2014
Mike Heumann

According to an October 2014 Emulex survey of more than 1,600 US and European IT professionals who provided insight into their enterprise data center networking environments, 57 percent of respondents have adopted hyperscale networking environments. What are the ramifications of this?

November 21, 2014
Matthew Selheimer

About 82 percent of IT incidents are handled in the expected amount of time. The problem is that the number hasn’t improved much in recent years. IT has gotten really good at the basics, but the other 18 percent of incidents continue to take much longer to fix, negatively impacting productivity and potentially holding back the business. It’s Fall, so let’s think about it in football terms. If your favorite team were really good at driving 82 yards but then couldn’t score a touchdown, it wouldn’t win many games by settling for field goals. The best teams excel at scoring once they get into the red zone, the last 20 yards standing between them and seven more points on the board. Those final 18 yards – or for IT, that last 18 percent – are extremely important ...

November 18, 2014
Brad Reinboldt
Network Instruments

Security breaches are common today – from computer viruses, such as Bash Bug or Heartbleed, undermining the security of millions of websites, to credit card cyber theft experienced by big retailers. One effort to protect cardholder information is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), which is applied wherever cardholder data is stored, processed or transmitted. APM designed to capture and retain network application transaction data has the potential to violate compliance. Below is an outline of the 12 requirements to be PCI DSS-compliant and how to manage APM to avoid violations ...

November 17, 2014
Scott Hollis

Depending upon your specific industry, the holiday rush can account for 75% – 85% of your total revenue. You cannot be caught unprepared and your systems have to be able to handle the surge in traffic. So how do you make sure your systems are not going to let you down?

November 07, 2014
Payal Chakravarty

IBM projects another strong shopping season with online sales projected to increase 15 percent over the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday ...

November 05, 2014
Patrick Carey

There are a lot of apps being developed and hosted in the cloud, and those teams have a significant need to monitor and manage app performance. But what about the customers of those apps and services – IT and business operations teams that purchase and maintain portfolios of cloud apps for their organizations? They still support users who expect them to maintain high application service levels regardless of where the app runs. Unfortunately, most APM solutions on the market today aren't well suited to their needs. This is why many organizations who already have a myriad of systems management and monitoring tools are seeking alternatives able to help them manage their cloud-based apps. It's this gap – and emerging IT business operations customer base for APM – that will define the APM landscape in the years to come ...

October 31, 2014
David Jones

With Halloween here, it is a fitting time to take a look at some of the most critical challenges facing companies as they put systems in place to optimize application performance in order to deliver great experiences to end-users. Optimizing application performance to deliver high-quality, frictionless user experiences across all devices and all channels isn’t easy, especially if you’re struggling with these frightening issues ...

October 31, 2014
Megan Assarrane

On Halloween, there's no shortage of horror movies to scare and entertain you. Among the usual cast of creepy characters, zombies are among the most popular underdogs. They're (often) embarrassingly slow and brainless. They have terrible personal hygiene. They can't operate machinery of any kind, they can't drive and they don't know how to use a computer or a smartphone. Speaking of technology, network zombies, on the other hand, are an all too real menace for the modern-day IT administrator ...