CA Technologies

CA Technologies creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy. Software is at the heart of every business, in every industry. From planning to development to management and security, CA is working with companies worldwide to change the way we live, transact and communicate.

Applications are the very heart and soul of your business. They are how employees connect; how consumers share, learn and purchases goods and services; how partners and suppliers interact; how we separate our business from our competitors. Every business, every industry, is becoming a software business, from clothing and sneakers to farming. And this business model shift is only accelerating.

CA APM is designed with the sole purpose of protecting and building your brand reputation, and today app-brand-reputation is directly tied to the business outcome. With CA APM, you can deliver better performance and ensure an exceptional end-user experience for critical applications. Uniquely offering 360° Root-cause Diagnostics, Embedded Multi-Variant Analytics, Enterprise-Scale Metric Analysis so that every user transaction becomes a loyalty-building interaction. The largest and most innovative global organizations use CA APM to proactively manage applications so every user transaction becomes a loyalty-building interaction.

CA APM is a premier APM solution in the marketplace for enterprise organizations who demand the absolute best when monitoring applications they rely upon to drive revenue and strengthen their brand reputation.

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