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This eBook explains how you can achieve both agility and stability by shifting monitoring to the left in software delivery and DevOps workflows and building the feedback loops that typify high performing IT organizations and teams ...

This eBook lays out the monitoring challenges confronting today's DevOps engineers, describing approaches to metric collection and visualization, the classes of modern monitoring, and importantly — how what methods work to tame complexity and ensure these dynamic application environments deliver on their promise.

When it comes to your applications, whether they’re of the mobile, web or on-premises varieties, you want to make sure they’re always delivering a five-star experience for users. And that means ensuring smooth and predictable performance from the front-end user interface (UI) through the supporting application infrastructure all the way to the back-end systems it’s calling on for data. Read this eBook to see how App Experience Analytics can help.

To better understand why everyone—including IT Operations—needs to care about DevOps, we sat down with four DevOps luminaries and thought leaders to get their take. Their deep insights make a compelling case for Agile Operations and provides immediate practical guidance on how to get started.

This eBook covers:
- Why agile operations is critical to your digital transformation
- Measuring the only metric that matters: the customer experience
- 3 steps to achieving agile operations
- Exploring the tools that enable agile operations

Read why customers are choosing CA when evaluating competitive APM solutions, and the benefits they’ve achieved since making the switch.

With more and more digital interactions, IT now owns the customer experience. Your applications need to do more than just work — they need to inspire. This means you need to perfect your practice and solve perennial APM problems ...