Upcoming Webinars

May 26, 2020

In this webinar, you will learn how tracking key performance metrics across your AWS and Azure infrastructure will help you leap roadblocks and improve operational efficiency. The webinar will also walk you through on how to identify performance degradations and resolve them before the end users are affected. The webinar will discuss how to:
- Gain insight into the operational status of key components in your AWS infrastructure
- Track key metrics of your OCI, GCP, and Oracle Autnomous Database environments efficiently
- Proactively monitor applications hosted on Azure
- Make educative decisions with resource planning and trend analysis

On-Demand Webinars

Watch a selection of free training videos, how-to videos and on-demand webinars on application performance management.

In this webinar, learn how to track key operational metrics of your Java, Node.js, PHP, and .Net core applications in real-time. You will also learn how to effectively visualize end-to-end java transactions, identify slow database calls that affect performance, streamline alerts and improve collabration via Slack Integration. This webinar will discuss how to:
- Gain code level visibility into Java, Node.js, PHP, and .Net core applications
- Analyze error traces to eliminate performance barriers
- Identify transactions and slow database calls that affect performance
- Streamline alerts and improve collaboration via Slack integration

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This virtual summit features guest speakers who will provide new perspectives, best practices and tools you can put into action today to come out of this crisis stronger, more competitive and more agile. This is a two-hour event with a general session and two breakout sessions.

In this webinar, learn how to optimize server and VM performance by keeping tabs on their operational status. You will learn effective ways to optimize resource allocation, identify performance degradations and resolve them before the end users are affected. This webinar will discuss how to:
- Monitor the operational status of servers
- Tackle hardware problems that contribute to server downtimes
- Track metrics that make up your Oracle VM, KVM, and OpenShift infrastructures
- Manage physical and virtual setups via proactive resource planning

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Join this webinar with Aternity and Pivotal to learn:
- How cloud automation helps you accelerate deployment and improve availability
- Why big data is critical to identifying and resolving the root cause of performance issues in complex environments
- How to prioritize development efforts with business needs

Join this exclusive webcast for a front-row seat to hear the perspectives of Gartner Research Director Charley Rich and Aternity APM Product Marketing Director Amena Siddiqi. There will be an interactive Q&A with Aternity APM experts during the webcast, to get your most pressing questions answered. Topics include:
- Digital Performance: what is it and why it matters
- DEM, APM and EUEM and other monitoring technologies
- The Three V’s of APM: Volume, velocity and variety and how to solve them
- How AIOps and machine learning can provide better outcomes for IT and business

Legacy root cause analysis (RCA) techniques based on CMDBs and topology maps are failing IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams. CMDBs and topology maps are out-of-date and struggling to be relevant because IT today is fast-moving and application and service architectures are increasingly ephemeral. What’s the impact? Incidents and outages that are more frequent, more prolonged, and more painful for customers and users. What should enterprises do? Join Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, and Elik Eizenberg, CTO and Co-Founder at BigPanda as they discuss why fast-moving IT changes the game for IT Ops, why legacy approaches to root cause analysis are no longer working and what can help enterprises solve this critical problem.

If you’re part of a NOC or an IT Ops team, or if you manage one, you know that overwhelming IT noise is your #1 enemy. It floods your teams with false-positives, it buries critical root-cause events and it makes it hard to proactively detect expensive P1 and P0 outages. But can AIOps tools be the answer? View this 30-minute webinar to learn if AIOps (IT Ops tools powered by AI and ML) can help you eliminate noise.

Like most enterprises, you've likely invested in best-in-class APM and NPM tools. But now, do you find that your NOC and IT Ops teams are constantly living with the fear of missing important alerts? Watch this on-demand webinar as Join Jason Trunk and Iain Armstrong from BigPanda as they explain how to use AIOps to help you unlock the full value of your APM and NPM investments.

Understaffed, overwhelmed and overworked. IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams are under siege like never before. View this on-demand webinar with Nancy Gohring from 451 Research and BigPanda as they discuss the future of IT Ops, how AI and ML are opening up a new frontier of autonomous operations, and why forward-looking IT leaders must embrace it to succeed.

If you use ServiceNow, JIRA or another service desk system, your helpdesk and ITSM teams have probably run into a myriad of ticketing issues. When you adopt AIOps with BigPanda, in about 8-12 weeks, you can reduce your ticket volume by up to 99%, use information from your CMDB, inventory databases, spreadsheets and excel files to add critical context to your tickets, and unify workflows between your IT Ops, helpdesk and ITSM teams. View this on-demand webinar to learn more.