Upcoming Webinars

September 24, 2019

Join EMA and InfluxData for an informative webinar that will reveal how enterprises can improve network operations by adopting a unified network monitoring platform.

September 25, 2019

Join this live demo to learn how companies including Yelp, Kayak, and Hubspot leverage SignalFx metrics monitoring for instant visibility and alerting into their entire environment. What you’ll learn from this webinar:
- How to implement canary deployments and monitor CI/CD pipelines with real-time alerting
- How to troubleshoot production issues more effectively by using custom metrics
- Ways to visualize and optimize your infrastructure costs in SignalFx
- Why SignalFx is the only solution that can aggregate, analyze, and alert on metrics in seconds

September 25, 2019

Join IT leaders from Jobvite and Thomson Reuters to see how the world’s leading brands are future-proofing their application environments to avoid costly performance issues, and see how you can too.

September 26, 2019

In new research conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), enterprises deploying automations saw over 50% improvement in efficiency. Thirty percent of enterprises using in-house automations feel that they are limited by the inability to create more complex automations and orchestrations that they could achieve if they invested in SOAR technology. On average, those deploying SOAR revealed that 15% of their existing processes and procedures have operational gaps. The survey also uncovered that 43% of organizations tend to underestimate the amount of time it will take to implement their SOAR automations after purchase. How can your organization take advantage of security automation and orchestration? Join David Monahan, managing research director at EMA, to:
- Get insights into EMA’s new research on security automation and orchestration
- Get best practice advice on how to avoid common pitfalls
- Discover how businesses have achieved significant levels of optimization in their SecOps teams—getting more done, faster—with the limited personnel they have

October 16, 2019

What can enterprises do to protect their performance visibility? Join leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and NAPM vendor Accedian for an information-packed webinar that will:
- Identify the new technologies that can undermine performance visibility
- Advise how you can adapt your monitoring tools to maintain visibility with next-generation technologies
- Understand how Accedian solutions maintain visibility into next-generation technologies

On-Demand Webinars

EMA’s new research report, “Enterprise Network Automation for 2020 and Beyond,” offers IT professionals a guide toward understanding the opportunities they have with network automation. Attend this webinar to discover what enterprises can expect from state-of-the-art network automation technology today.

In a recent global study conducted by leading IT research firm EMA, 38% of IT leaders rated the impact of enterprise service management on the relationship of IT and the business as “transformational.” Join EMA for a webinar that will feature field research and practical advice designed to jump-start your ESM initiatives.

In recent EMA research, 89% of survey respondents said they experienced one or more unexpected challenges with their organization’s public cloud. So how do you optimize your public cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud investments once there? Join leading IT research firm EMA and Scalable Software for a webinar that will deliver an in-depth look at real-world challenges and solutions based on extensive EMA research.

If you’re part of a NOC or an IT Ops team, or if you manage one, you know that overwhelming IT noise is your #1 enemy. It floods your teams with false-positives, it buries critical root-cause events and it makes it hard to proactively detect expensive P1 and P0 outages. But can AIOps tools be the answer? View this 30-minute webinar to learn if AIOps (IT Ops tools powered by AI and ML) can help you eliminate noise.

Leading IT research firm EMA and Open Systems will explore how an ROI with secure SD-WAN is about more than simple cost reduction. Cloud enablement, security, and IT productivity are also huge opportunities. This webinar will teach you how to make your case for an SD-WAN investment.

Leading IT research firm EMA surveyed 208 respondents to gauge interest in, usage of, and concerns about deception technology from users of the technology, as well as those interested in it. Watch the live webinar that will explore the results of this study.

Like most enterprises, you've likely invested in best-in-class APM and NPM tools. But now, do you find that your NOC and IT Ops teams are constantly living with the fear of missing important alerts? Watch this on-demand webinar as Join Jason Trunk and Iain Armstrong from BigPanda as they explain how to use AIOps to help you unlock the full value of your APM and NPM investments.

Understaffed, overwhelmed and overworked. IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams are under siege like never before. View this on-demand webinar with Nancy Gohring from 451 Research and BigPanda as they discuss the future of IT Ops, how AI and ML are opening up a new frontier of autonomous operations, and why forward-looking IT leaders must embrace it to succeed.

If you use ServiceNow, JIRA or another service desk system, your helpdesk and ITSM teams have probably run into a myriad of ticketing issues. When you adopt AIOps with BigPanda, in about 8-12 weeks, you can reduce your ticket volume by up to 99%, use information from your CMDB, inventory databases, spreadsheets and excel files to add critical context to your tickets, and unify workflows between your IT Ops, helpdesk and ITSM teams. View this on-demand webinar to learn more.

Join the webcast and learn about the only solution in the market that accelerates your SaaS and cloud applications and delivers exceptional user experience.

Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto standard for orchestrating containerized applications. While it abstracts away many complexities, it also introduces new operational and monitoring challenges. In fact, the latest CNCF survey cites monitoring as one of the biggest challenges in Kubernetes adoption. In this webinar, Arijit Mukherji and Maxime Petazzoni walk through the changes in requirements for monitoring Kubernetes and service mesh environments, typical challenges that enterprises face on their journey to cloud-native and how to navigate around those challenges leveraging CNCF projects such as Prometheus, OpenTracing, and Envoy. You will also see a demo showing the best practices in monitoring Kubernetes environments using metrics, events, and traces.

On webinar registration page, scroll down to see on-demand video of the event
View this webinar and learn about:
- Configuring custom dashboards for business services
- Reports for performance & trend analysis, and capacity planning
- Forecasting utilization trends with Machine learning
- Template library, downtime scheduler & SLA management

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View this webinar and learn about:
- Application Discovery & Dependency Mapping
- Business service management with Monitor Groups
- Troubleshooting with Dynamic base lining and root cause analysis
- User management

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View this webinar and learn about:
- Deep diagnostic capabilities to debug transaction problems
- Identify root-cause down to the individual line of code
- Error traces to pinpoint problematic components
- Avoid sifting through log files and wasting time

On webinar registration page, scroll down to see on-demand video of the event
View this webinar and learn about:
- Synthetic transactions to capture user interactions with the application
- Monitoring the complete end user journey through your site
- Measure web application performance across the globe
- Rest API, SOAP, SSL certificates