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March 23, 2017

Jeremy Rossbach
CA Technologies

I am an avid runner and every now and again I twist my ankle which puts me out of commission for a while until I heal. I wish I could just hit that magic button to heal my injury but I understand it takes much more to efficiently get me back to being a well-oiled machine.

Running legacy networks alongside modern networks technologies like software-defined networks (SDN) also requires efficiency to consistently be that well-oiled machine. SDN creates a whole new complexity for today’s network operations teams. No longer can a new business service wait to be stood up while we rack, stack and configure new network gear to support it.

The same goes for network performance monitoring. Managing and monitoring today’s complex networks requires smarter troubleshooting, and customers cannot and should not wait for an outage to be fixed manually.

Modern networks are no longer flat and static, but a mutli-layered, highly complex and dynamic stack programmed not so much anymore by users but by automated systems and APIs. Although SDN revolutionizes our current approach to networking, it doesn’t have to mean massive disruption for the datacenter and network operations staff.

Network operations teams can take advantage of modern network monitoring tools that peal back the onion to get to the root of an issue while efficiently enabling them to gain visibility and maintain the reliability of new self-service driven - automated networks.

Network performance monitoring should be designed to not only cope with complexity, but to control complexity, inserting valuable performance data back into the orchestration process so SDN ecosystems can provision additional compute resources automatically when over-utilization occurs and affects a customer facing service. This enables organizations to stay healthy when it comes to handling potential issues that could degrade performance.

At CA World this year, I moderated a session with Target and Bell Canada where they revealed how they tackle these challenges by leveraging the latest CA Technologies innovations to advance their network performance monitoring strategies.

Jeremy Rossbach, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies.

CA Technologies has launched a new network performance monitoring comic series featuring Kip and Gary to bring a little fun and laughter to the everyday challenges network operations teams face with traditional network performance monitoring along with implementing and managing modern network architectures like SDN.

Jeremy Rossbach is Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, Network Operations and Analytics, at CA Technologies
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