Nyansa Introduces Voyance WAN and Voyance Client Agent
June 11, 2018
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Nyansa unveiled two new applications that bring visibility and insight to problematic blind spots on the end points of the user access network – the client Wi-Fi connection and the broadband WAN. The new solutions include Voyance WAN and the Voyance Client Agent.

Detailed WAN and client data is now integrated into the Nyansa’s popular Voyance platform as new data sources. These data sources are uniquely analyzed and correlated with all other client transactions to deliver extraordinary insight into the user experience not found in any other system.

Nyansa now uses real client, network, application and WAN data for end-to-end correlation and root cause analysis of user performance across every aspect of a client connection.

From the moment a device/user connects to the Wi-Fi network, traversing access networks to accessing applications across WAN links, Voyance provides customers with a comprehensive real-time and historical view of the entire user experience on the network.

A discrete new application within the Voyance platform, Voyance WAN incorporates flow data directly from the routers to address these challenges. WAN data is analyzed and correlated with the other data sources, such as client, network service and application performance, within Voyance. This gives IT teams end-to-end insight into the entire user experience, from a client accessing the WLAN, traversing the access network and the WAN to accessing essential applications.

And because Voyance WAN leverages data flows from WAN router interfaces, customers now have more flexible deployment options, eliminating the need to install on premise data collectors, called Voyance crawlers, at every site.

Voyance WAN currently integrates NetFlow and cFlow data with future support for jFlow and sFlow protocols. Minute by minute, the Voyance WAN application constantly analyzes any instance of high WAN utilization on any link to determine what users and apps are the cause of poor WAN performance. Companies can now compare sites by high link utilization minutes, see repeat top culprits by site or WAN interface, and compare by peak app utilization traffic with related costs.

Unlike conventional WAN monitoring solutions that simply provide normal aggregate application usage, Voyance WAN identifies the percent of service provider bandwidth taken up at times of peak WAN link utilization.

When user performance problems occur, Voyance automatically pinpoints whether the root cause is related to an application, Wi-Fi, a network service, broadband congestion, or the client itself. Currently Voyance is the only solution to provide such a breadth of analytics within a massively scalable public service or private cloud platform.

Nyansa’s Voyance WAN also employs a cloud sourced AppID engine. Using machine learning technology, the AppID engine identifies applications by automatically mapping routing data to actual applications. This dynamic database is then shared within the Voyance platform so all customers benefit.

To proactively address last hop Wi-Fi connectivity issues experienced by problematic clients, Nyansa’s Voyance client agent provides a 360 degree view of the user experience over Wi-Fi networks without the expense of hardware sensors or the need for manual diagnostic tools.

Secure, configurable and deployed in minutes, the Voyance client agent works seamlessly with popular systems and device management platforms. The Voyance client agent collects system information as well as Wi-Fi stats based on what the client is seeing. IT teams can actively perform synthetic tests against default or configurable targets to measure a variety of metrics such as throughput, latency, packet loss and jitter.

Client data is fed seamlessly into the Voyance platform, where it joins the other data sources such as Wi-Fi metrics, protocol and app metrics from examining live packet data and syslog messages from network services, Analysis of client data surfaces insights and allows for faster device problem identification, performance comparisons, most affected clients, locations as well as proactive remediation recommendations.

Network managers can quickly compare the user experience for remote users versus on-site users with client devices using the same Wi-Fi drivers or easily determine why clients are making poor roaming decisions or staying sticky to a given Wi-Fi access point.

IT staff also gain direct access to a wide range of client information such as Wi-Fi driver, CPU and memory statistics, battery status, SSID scan data, RSSI levels, channel use and more.

The Voyance client agent is currently available for Apple Mac OS X devices with support for Windows and Android platforms in the future.

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