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This informative white paper demonstrates that an environment incorporating DevOps and end-to-end Application Performance Management is critical to keeping pace with agile development cycles. It looks in-depth at the direct impact an APM + DevOps approach has on the healthcare and life sciences industry.

For many enterprises, their application is their business. Although performance and reliability are top priorities, IT Ops teams struggle to keep up with the complexity and scale of modern software applications. They need help. Enter the rise of the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). In this eBook, learn how the role of the SRE can help your enterprise:
- Increase application reliability at scale
- Overcome Dev and Operations silos and conflicts
- Improve project, end user, and business outcomes

DevOps has already taken the IT world by storm, and it’s continuing to transform the way organizations develop, deploy, monitor, and maintain applications, along with underlying infrastructure. It’s quickly transitioning from a niche scope to a critical business outcome that all teams hoping to scale to digital transformation. In this eBook, AppDynamics collected the top 10 practices around DevOps your CIO and team need to know about to adopt the best model for success.

Download this white paper to find out how the right cloud performance management system needs to incorporate performance management from three different perspectives: FROM the cloud, OF the cloud and FOR the cloud. This approach will help you to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem by providing a much more holistic view into every tier of the cloud infrastructure – ensuring quick resolution – or even prevention – so business services are running smoothly.

Eight in ten users have deleted apps because they didn’t perform correctly. More than half have deleted a low-performing app without giving it a second chance. Read The App Attention Index 2017 study to see where enterprises are coming up short in meeting user expectations — and how to turn those failings into a competitive advantage.

In this white paper, Top Challenges and Best Practices for Virtualizing Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop on VMware vSphere, you will discover how address some of these challenges, including how to:
- Prevent common problems in the storage, network, compute and memory tiers
- Configure VMware vSphere and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop for maximum reliability, performance and scalability
- Identify and monitor the right performance metrics
- Get complete visibility into your virtualized environment to deliver performance, end user satisfaction and cost control

As IT applications have been increasingly used to support online businesses, there is an increasing realization that application performance is as, if not more, important than that of the infrastructure. Ensuring that a server’s CPU utilization is normal is not a guarantee that users are happy with the performance of the application. Converging application and infrastructure performance monitoring into one single pane of glass covers the reach, depth and speed needed to effectively monitor all of the different platforms required, the level of visibility to drill down into application code issues and the automation required into supporting infrastructures for quick diagnosis and resolution. Download this white paper to discover how converged application and infrastructure performance monitoring can help you proactively discover, diagnose and resolve performance issues and applications to consistently deliver great user experience.

Because it hosts the core business logic, the performance of the Java middleware tier has a significant impact on the performance of the business services that it supports. Since all Java applications (whether client-server or web-based) run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), monitoring of the JVM can provide key insights into performance issues that could have a significant impact on the supported business services. For example, a single run-away thread in the JVM could take up significant CPU resources, slowing down performance for the entire service. Alternatively, a deadlock between two key threads could bring the business service to a grinding halt. This white paper focuses on monitoring at the JVM layer and provides use cases to highlight how JVM monitoring can help pinpoint and resolve the cause of complex performance issues.

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