AI+ITOPS Podcast Episode 7: Will Cappelli

The AI+ITOPS Podcast Episode 7 guest is Will Cappelli, Field CTO of Moogsoft and former Gartner Research VP.

Prior to Moogsoft, Will Cappelli served as a Research VP at Gartner where he is widely credited for having been the first to define the AIOps market. During his tenure at Gartner, Cappelli specialized in research focused on IT innovation, providing insights that shaped market trends, and counseling companies around the world on subjects such as the application of machine learning and other types of AI to IT operations and application management. Cappelli studied math and philosophy at university, has been involved in the IT industry for over 30 years, and for most of his professional life has focused on both AI and IT operations management technology and practices.

In this episode, Will Cappelli discusses the future of APM, AIOps and Observability.

Click here for a direct MP3 download of Episode 7 - Express Version

Click here for a direct MP3 download of Episode 7 - Full Interview

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