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Our Buyer’s Guide will provide hands-on, practical guidance to ensure your chosen AIOps solution delivers value. Specifically, you will learn:
- How to assess your readiness for AIOps
- Desired characteristics of AIOps solutions
- Required capabilities to deliver value
- What’s inside BigPanda’s AIOps platform

If you’re in IT Ops today, you’re feeling the heat from all sides: the spotlight on your ability to digitally transform, the pressure to prevent outages, and the stress of having to do it all without more resources. The last two years have required more of IT Ops than ever before and revealed where teams are lacking. You can run excellent operations in one sector of IT Ops, but without all areas running equal levels of maturity, you won’t avoid long and crippling outages. So, what can you do? The first place to start is by evaluating your IT Ops maturity. Download our manual, A practical guide to IT Ops maturity to learn:
- What the five phases of IT Ops maturity are
- Which KPIs you should use to assess IT Ops maturity
- How to use the maturity model in your environment
You can use this guide as your framework for creating a plan to evolve your IT Ops maturity process. With you in the lead of a more mature IT Ops team, your organization will drive more revenue and achieve its growth goals.

Observability is steadily becoming all the rage, and the research explains why. This Splunk survey of 1,250 observability practitioners, managers and experts defines the concrete outcomes from having a mature observability practice.
- Observability leaders are 2.1 times as likely to detect problems in internally developed applications in minutes.
- Leaders report a 69% faster MTTR.
- Leaders’ average annual cost of downtime is $2.5 million, versus $23.8 million for beginners.
As the evolution to hybrid, multicloud infrastructure continues, organizations are encountering escalated complexity, lower visibility and intensifying burnout — but observability fluency is the antidote. Get the report and access the research in full.

AWS. Akamai. Amazon. Facebook. Fastly. Google. Salesforce. In 2021, outages hit all of these Internet titans. No one can be 100 percent certain it won’t happen to them – or it won’t happen again. That’s why it’s critical to fully understand what you need to do when – not if – such a failure happens. In Ensuring Cloud Reliability in 2022, we share nine lessons learned from the failures of 2021, and our in-depth incident reviews of the most significant recent outages, from AWS to Facebook. Download the report now ... before the next outage hits!

SLA management is an urgent issue companies can't afford to ignore. In this white paper, learn ways to manage SLAs using Catchpoint's digital experience observability solution to collect granular performance data to validate service reports from third-party vendors. Additional topics include:
- How to set expectations clearly defined metrics
- Why multiple monitoring locations capture more reliable data
- What reporting problems result from cloud-only monitoring

Catchpoint's SRE report, written in partnership with DevOps Institute and VMware Tanzu, analyzed survey responses from more than 300 site reliability engineers across a range of industries and company sizes worldwide. It reveals a wide range of fascinating insights and concludes with an actionable path for SREs to consistently deliver customer value.

The complexity of today's web infrastructure has driven significant changes in how companies deliver services. To get insight into the performance of many elements within this interconnected environment, companies need modern tools to do the job.

Catchpoint believes that planning for outages is essential. Teams need to know what to do if a change breaks a system - or if they are caught downstream, hit by slowdowns, or knocked offline by the problems of a larger Internet player. Catchpoints Internet Outage Prevention checklist is a concise guide put together by their engineering team to help you develop or refine your outage prevention and mitigation strategy.

Get your copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Observability to learn:
- The complementary relationship between observability and monitoring
- The three critical pillars to achieve observability
- How to build observability into your application environment
- How observability helps you tame complexity and reduce MTTR

It pays to get ahead of your visibility challenges. The longer an organization has had an observability initiative, the less likely they are to report negative events/effects. Leaders are:
- 2.9 times more likely to enjoy better visibility into application performance.
- Almost twice as likely to have better visibility into public cloud infrastructure.
- 2.3 times more likely to experience better visibility into security posture.

Gartner identified Total Experience (TX) as a top strategic trend for 2022 with the goal to drive greater customer and employee advocacy and increase revenue and profits for businesses. Digital consumers assume the services they use will always be on and responsive to their needs. This means the people who provide those services have to continually balance innovating and delivering new, exciting capabilities with maintaining the performance of the underlying applications and platforms. In this white paper, we look at the research and predictions and provide practical advice on how to achieve a resilient and adaptable availability posture in 2022 driven by TX that aligns with their business goals across:
- Ensuring customer experience through availability and adaptability
- Following engineer experience trends across no-code, growing DevOps toolchains, and the "Year of SRE"
- Driving consistent user experience across multi devices and omnichannel
- Maintaining strong internal advocacy for internal employees in times of the Great Resignation

This eBook explains how DevOps and SREs can develop more and operate less by applying AI to events, metrics, traces and logs to keep CI/CD agile and your business growing.

To truly understand the cost of downtime, we’ve analyzed incident metrics from this past year to average what downtime costs across different company sizes and with varying numbers of critical incidents per week. Read on to see what downtime costs for you!

The world of IT is moving faster, and in more directions at once, than ever. From classic ITOps to DevOps and DevSecOps, our leaders predict key trends for the new year:
- Serverless: Great idea, with more complexities than most IT teams realize.
- Edge computing: You’ll get so tired of the buzz, you’ll stop listening. You really shouldn’t.
- AIOps and observability: Two great tastes that will taste great together, starting now.
What’s better than surprises? Being ready for anything. Read Splunk’s IT and Observability Predictions 2022.

What do leaders need to know to keep their edge in the new year? Splunk experts look at a future shaped by data:
- Edge computing: There will be a lot of talk in 2022, but it’s not just hype.
- Cloud: A sudden, uneven rush into the cloud creates new challenges for customer experience.
- Also: New talent strategies, serverless and an explosion of M&A.
Be ready to lead into the new year: Read Splunk’s Executive and Emerging Technology Predictions 2022.

Register now to receive your copy of the AIOps Benchmark Report to find out:
- What percentage of respondents is investing in AIOps
- The impact of AIOps on operations by early adopters
- Leading trends for improving reliability and performance
- Top application development objectives
- Which KPIs organizations track in order to improve upon them

Pragmatic AIOps: A Buyer’s Guide provides hands-on, practical guidance to ensure your chosen AIOps solution delivers value. Specifically, you will learn:
- How to assess your readiness for AIOps
- Desired characteristics of AIOps solutions
- Required capabilities to deliver value
- What’s inside BigPanda’s AIOps platform

Without enrichment, your AIOps tools will struggle to make sense of incoming data. The AI/ML technology powering your AIOps tools will struggle to create high-quality incidents. Incidents that lack valuable, actionable context result in frequent, long and painful incidents and outages. You will be no better off than you were before your AIOps investment. This white paper will explain:
- What enrichment is, the context of AIOps
- Why enrichment matters
- What enrichment does to improve the yield of AIOps efforts
- How to evaluate enrichment capabilities that are part of AIOps tools

APIs are no longer simply business differentiators — they’re the drivers of today’s infrastructure and applications, and rely on dependable and secure data to function properly. Synthetic monitoring can help ensure API functionality and performance. Read this ebook to learn about the basic functions of APIs, as well as:
- How synthetic monitoring helps you enforce SLAs
- What to test with your API monitoring
- How to handle different forms of API authentication

Download your copy of How to Optimize Digital Experience with Service-Level Objectives by Jason Bloomberg, president and principal analyst at Intellyx, to learn about:
- The importance of DX and the strategic role of DEM
- The practitioner’s view of SLOs
- Managing errors budgets to optimize performance with Splunk DEM
- Bringing DEM to system reliability engineering