August 16, 2013

Srinivas Ramanathan
eG Innovations

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One of the main bottom-line benefits gained from APM is a positive user experience. With today’s 24x7 business operations, CEOs are demanding much higher levels of IT service availability with no tolerance for downtime.

To satisfy the availability demand, enterprises are looking for truly virtualization-aware management systems able to rapidly diagnosis problems thereby ensuring user satisfaction and productivity. Being able to collect metrics from every layer of every tier, analyze and correlate the metrics using different types of inter-dependencies, — application to virtual machine (VM), VM to physical host and inter-application dependencies — enables IT to know exactly what needs to be done to resolve a problem.

This way, when a user complains that the service is slow, administrators can easily determine the cause of the problem. Is it the network, the database, the application, the virtualization platform, storage, etc.?

Only through automatic correlation will IT administrators have the actionable insight to fine-tune their environment and accelerate diagnosis to the point where potential problems are fixed before users call and complain about slow applications. With a sound APM strategy and technology in place this knowledge is possible.

Srinivas Ramanathan is CEO and Founder of eG Innovations.

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Srinivas Ramanathan is CEO and Founder of eG Innovations
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