APM Looks Forward to an Exciting 2014
December 18, 2013

Pete Goldin

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I am proud to say that the reaction to our list of APM predictions has been great this year. All of our experts had a week to send me their predictions but many of them sent their input within a day or two of the request. Everyone is anxious and excited to talk about what they think 2014 has in store for APM, and I would say this is indicative of the type of year we can expect to have in this industry next year.

I was impressed by how positive all the predictions are - starting with the first prediction on the list: APM Top of Mind in 2014. APMdigest has been posting this list for four years, and this is the most positive outlook I have seen yet. It is hard to believe that just one year ago we saw headlines like the "The Death of APM". Maybe that was just headline hype, but clearly APM is alive and well, and doing better than ever.

The industry's interest in these predictions continues to be very high as well. APMdigest's
2013 predictions list had almost 50,000 hits over this past year, which shows how everyone in IT is interested in APM. It is becoming a focal point of IT, as well it should be. APM seems to be right in the middle of all the exciting changes happening in IT right now: mobile, Big Data, application-aware networking, DevOps, cloud, virtualization.

One of the reasons for this growing interest could be that APM is more than just a technology. At its best, APM can bring IT and the Business together. It creates a level playing field, where both sides are working toward the same goals, and increasingly speaking the same language. Not to say that we don't have silos, and barriers, and a long way to go with the cultural integration between Business and IT, but APM is lighting the way there in 2014 and beyond.

On that positive note, I hope all our readers, all our bloggers and other contributors, and of course our incredible APMdigest sponsors, have a great year in 2014.

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Pete Goldin is Editor and Publisher of APMdigest
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