AppFirst's Top 4 APM Predictions for 2013
January 08, 2013

Pamela Roussos

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David Roth, CEO and Co-Founder of AppFirst, has provided APMdigest with his top 4 APM predictions for 2013:

1. Customers will demand one solution for aggregating and analyzing all of their data sources

The APM space is wide, covering everything from the user experience in a browser to interacting with applications to the depths of what’s going on inside applications. As a result users need to learn about applications from many different aspects, and many of them are realizing that they can get to the bottom of performance issues more easily if they can collect and correlate from ALL of their data sources, no matter where it lives.

In 2013, I think we’ll see customers recognizing that they need an easier way to get all of the important data they need collected, aggregated and correlated, no matter where it lives, so they can get to the bottom of performance issues and solve problems. They will demand one end-to-end solution.

2. Correlation between technology and business metrics will become more critical

When it comes to metrics, people tend to think just of technology metrics – where the system meets the applications. But isn’t the business ramification of a specific performance issue really what matters? To know that you have to measure business metrics and correlate them against technology metrics. I think we’ll see users start demanding the ability to understand and analyze metrics not just from a systems/application point of view, but also a business point of view, so they have the big picture of how an application issue impacts the business. Then they’ll know what really needs their love and attention.

A criticality for APM in 2013 will be to deal with business metrics measurement along with systems and application measurement, and correlate them together.

3. Expanded Collaboration

There are so many dimensions of opportunity to collaborate information, and I think we’ll see some real expansion in this area in 2013. The moment someone identifies issues that need addressed, the faster the right combination of people teams together for problem resolution and interacting towards getting to solving what’s at hand, the better for the business. We’ll see less of people using separate performance and collaboration products, and more live collaboration to address things on the fly. I think this demand for collaboration will advance APM and bring companies closer to their customers and partners.

4. A growing trend of ‘Federated APM’

There will be increased ‘coopetition’ - cooperation among competitors to ensure that the end client gains benefits across multiple APM solutions. No matter how aggressively an ‘end-to-end solution’ is marketed, no single APM offering covers everything a client could want or need. We’ll see a more competitors cooperating to ensure that the end client gains benefits across multiple APM solutions.

Pamela Roussos is CMO of AppFirst.

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