Cloud Impairs App Troubleshooting, Survey Says
May 23, 2012

Denise Dubie
CA Technologies

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Attendees at the Interop conference in Las Vegas proved what the majority already assumed to be true: there are numerous benefits to adopting cloud computing and cloud services. Yet a survey of 102 network engineers on the show floor revealed another fact: cloud causes some problems when trying to troubleshoot application performance.

The poll conducted by Network Instruments (a CA Technologies partner) found that 70% “indicated that their ability to troubleshoot applications worsened or remained the same after migrating to the cloud.”

The informal Interop poll results echo sentiment from the company's larger State of the Network survey released earlier this year, which showed that cloud blurs IT's view into the end-user experience.

Now the 70% is a combined number; some saying it worsened and some saying it remained the same.

Still the fact that cloud hinders application performance troubleshooting should concern adopters. Today application performance can significantly impact a company's brand and reputation if that performance is externally or customer facing. A lessened ability to understand that performance is not a positive for cloud.

And for those saying cloud keeps things status quo, that could be negative too – depending on how well they are able to monitor application performance on premise.

Denise Dubie is New Media Principal in CA Technologies Thought Leadership Group.

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