CRM - Top APM Priority
January 23, 2014

Sylvia Fong Ny
Germain Software

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Germain Software has released a new infographic titled "APM for CRM".

The infographic shows the state of APM for CRM applications. It features visual content from a Fall survey of the IT professionals who listed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and/or e-commerce and order management as their top priorities (#1 or #2) for APM.

The key to APM for CRM? Performance. The top three priorities for APM are increasing performance for end users, reducing risks linked to poor application performance and measuring and analyzing performance. All roads lead back to performance!

Closely related to performance, the top challenge for order management and e-commerce applications is availability. 29% of IT professionals agreed that availability ranks above end user experience and integrations as the biggest challenge.

Because CRM applications are complex applications that are tightly integrated into other systems, it is not surprising that 59% of IT experts experience some kind of performance problem at least once a week.

See the APM for CRM infographic below for more interesting facts and figures.

Sylvia Fong Ny is Marketing Manager for Germain Software.

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