Increasing Visibility into Network and Application Performance Will Drive Business Innovation
February 20, 2020
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Over 70% of C-Suite decision makers believe business innovation and staff retention are driven by improved visibility into network and application performance, according to Rethink Possible: Visibility and Network Performance – The Pillars of Business Success, a survey
conducted by Riverbed Technology.

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The report cites a positive correlation between effective technology and company health, a finding that is supported by the fact that 86% of C-Suite and IT decision makers (ITDMs), and 87% of business decision makers (BDMs), reveal that digital performance is increasingly critical to business growth.

Slow Systems and a Lack of Visibility

Three-quarters of all groups surveyed have felt frustrated by current network performance, with IT infrastructure being given as the key reason for the poor performance.

This problem is exacerbated by a lack of full and consistent visibility, as one in three ITDMs report that they don’t have full visibility over applications, their networks and/or end-users.

Furthermore, almost half of the C-Suite (49%) believe that slow running and outdated technology is directly impacting the growth of their businesses. This highlights the importance of implementing new technology to drive productivity, creativity and innovation.

Business Priorities and Challenges

Business priorities and challenges are evolving, so the technology they rely on needs to advance too.

Over three quarters (76%) of ITDMs acknowledge that their IT infrastructure will have to change dramatically in the next five years to support new ways of doing business.

A further 95% of all respondents recognize that innovation and breaking boundaries is crucial to business success, emphasizing the need to embrace new technology. This may be why 80% of BDMs and 77% of the C-Suite say they believe that investing in next-generation technology is vital.

Commenting on the research findings, Elie Dib, SVP EMEA at Riverbed Technology, said: "All leaders recognize that visibility, optimized network infrastructure, and the ability to accelerate cloud and SaaS performance are the next frontier in business success. Given this, it’s time the C-Suite, business decision leaders, and IT decision makers come together to invest in the right solutions, prioritize measurement, and place visibility and infrastructure at the top of their agenda."

With over 80% of all leaders (82% C-Suite, 84% BDMs and ITDMs) agreeing that businesses must rethink what’s possible to survive in today’s unpredictable world, technology needs to be an enabler in the process.

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