Making Sense of the New Application Management Challenges
August 28, 2014

Arun Balachandran

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Today most companies deliver a mix of application types. It doesn't really matter whether the “end user” is a customer or an employee, these applications are almost always business critical. A large chunk of these complex enterprise applications execute over complex ecosystems composed of integrated technologies, platforms, and software. As a result, more and more companies are finding that managing these applications is a big challenge. It is interesting to note that users notify IT about application issues about 60% of the time.

With the increasing proliferation of cloud-based applications and services, IT has to deal with newer management challenges such as high support costs and slow performance of applications. Almost 53% of IT professionals say that the biggest challenge with managing cloud services is troubleshooting or root cause analysis taking too long.

To meet these new application management challenges, businesses need to use "cloud-ready" monitoring solutions that help pinpoint the actual problem and help reduce troubleshooting time.

See the ManageEngine-EMA infographic below for more interesting facts and figures.

Arun Balachandran is Sr. Market Analyst for ManageEngine.

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