Predictions For 2014: Technology Monitoring
March 06, 2014

J. Rakowski

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Here are some monitoring solution predictions I expect during 2014 to help with the call to action from my report Predictions For 2014: Technology Monitoring, summarized in my last blog: 3 Technology Monitoring Tips.

1. Automation will be an important feature of any monitoring solution

Specifically run book automation features that are triggered on a monitored event will be a necessity in order to ensure rapid remediation to any business service issues.

2. Further development of pattern analytics to complement log-file analytics

For the last five years, log-file analytics has been a major focus area in the area of IT operational analytics. During 2014 we expect further development with pattern analytics or features that can make insights based on data in-stream or in-flight on the network.

3. Nonrelational data stores will become a core solution architecture component

Simply relational databases can't store all the data which you need to monitor economically, meaning that we expect more solution vendors to develop or move towards nonrelational data store architecture.

4. Re-emergence of Business Service Management (BSM) features

Increasing technology innovation is leading to greater complexity in business service architecture. This means that any features that simplify the management of complex business services become a must. Hence why we predict the re-emergence of BSM features that will be more successful than previous attempts, as these new BSM approaches will have automated discovery and mapping of technology to business services.

5. Monitoring solutions will begin to be sold to non-IT teams

The business priority of developing business technology, systems and processes to win, serve, and retain customers will mean that technology monitoring solutions will be appealing to marketing and eBusiness professionals during 2014. We expect solution vendors to start marketing and engaging with these roles.

In all the cases above we can point to solution vendors who are embracing the above predictions.

John Rakowski is Analyst, Infrastructure and Operations, at Forrester.

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