The Future of Application Monitoring?
October 08, 2012

Jimmy Augustine

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What does the future of Application Monitoring hold? To answer the question we must ask: what does the future hold for the app?

To be honest it's not about the application, our attention should be on the business process. How will business processes evolve?

Thanks to cloud computing we’ll see more and new SaaS vendors emerge. We've seen success with SaaS offerings for sales force automation, human resources and marketing automation. There will be more SaaS innovations and flavors. I suspect we’ll see more industry specific SaaS flavors emerge.

The fundamental question for the business will become what’s core and differentiating. That's where new application development will be allocated. Every industry and every company will answer differently to their core competencies, at least in theory that's how it should work.

Run time environment outlook is opaque. Apps will be designed to run on cloud platforms and be consumed on multiple mobile devices. Ideally cloud providers will adopt industry standard compute platforms, and mobile frameworks like HTML5 will easily run on all mobile operating systems. So application monitoring must adjust accordingly.

Best practices and tools will increasingly facilitate “monitoring” code to be injected during development of the applications. As soon as the applications are put into production the monitoring instrumentation will automatically sense and begin to monitor the newly provisioned apps.

In terms of application performance, we'll be able to track end user and transaction throughput and performance from one simple and easy to use dashboard.

Some companies have already begun to adopt this new paradigm. Please let me know what you think of the future of application monitoring. My twitter handle is @jimmyaugustine2.

Jimmy Augustine is Product Marketing Lead for HP Application Performance Management.

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