Using the Wire to Solve Network Performance Crimes
September 24, 2013

Jim Rapoza
Aberdeen Group

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Say the wire to most people and they’ll think of some kind of standard piece of electrical wire. Or maybe they’ll think of a groundbreaking TV show about police and crime in Baltimore.

But talk about the wire with IT and networking administrators and they’ll think of something else. Namely, the data that is constantly flowing over their networks. In these settings, being on the wire means that these technology workers can see everything that is happening on their network in real-time. And this capability can be key for any organization that wants to ensure that their networks and the applications that run on them are reliable and performing at peak capabilities.

By tapping into the live-wire line data of their network, an organization can easily get real-time access to all of the information needed to effectively manage their infrastructure. With this network wire data, businesses can take a real-time approach to application and network performance management that provides high-visibility into everything passing over the network and enables automated processes that address potential performance problems before they happen.

Smart organizations understand that the information on the network wire shows what is actually happening now. By monitoring and utilizing this data in real-time, these businesses can prevent network and application problems before they happen, increase network and application reliability and avoid the type of problematic issues that can have networks down for minutes or even hours.

In the report Network on a Wire: Using Real-Time Live Network Data to Boost Management and Application Performance, I analyze how businesses are utilizing a network data approach to meet performance challenges in real-time and look at the positive results that they are gaining from this strategy.

Because any organization that doesn’t leverage this wire data could be missing important information that would prevent downtime and performance problems. And, in networking circles, ignoring that information could be considered a crime.

Jim Rapoza is Senior Research Analyst at Aberdeen Group.

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