APM BOTTOM-LINE BENEFIT: Taking Emotion Out of the Equation
August 21, 2013

Larry Dragich
Technology Executive

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In a perfect world, APM has all the right elements in place, providing value to the business and IT by giving us the metrics we need and showing us the health of our applications. It alerts us to anomalies when slowdowns occur, and shows us trends on performance. But there are other elements in play that can make the operations a little smoother and our days a little brighter.

Having the ability to engage in a fact based conversation about the end-user-experience, instead of “spinning” infrastructure metrics and making assumptions about performance, is an elegant proficiency. Taking the emotion out of performance related problems for critical business applications is one of the intangible benefits that an APM solution can bring to your table.

This benefit comes from correlating bottom-up monitoring (Infrastructure monitoring) with insights from top-down monitoring (real-time application monitoring) all within the context of the end-user-experience (EUE).

Charmed by the deep insight and easily understood metrics of a well-defined APM solution your business leaders will begin to trust you over time as the performance metrics begin to align with their end-user-experience.

If you can put the heat of the moment on ice then clearer heads will prevail, allowing for a more honest dialog to take place. Your performance burdens will be lightened and lifted, as the conversations go from contentious to complimentary.

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Larry Dragich is a Technology Executive and Founder of the APM Strategies Group on LinkedIn
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