APM Deliver a Flawless Experience with App Analytics
October 20, 2017

Pavan Aripakula
CA Technologies

It's 8:30 AM and Steve quickly glances at his phone to decide whether he needs to put on his hoodie before he steps outside, but for some reason his weather updates aren't showing up. He takes one anyway. On his way back home, he opens an app on his phone to reduce the temperature in the house and have his coffee prepared. When he got back, he realized that neither of those transactions completed, leaving him with a fairly warm house and no coffee! Steve shrugs it off and continues with his day.

As afternoon approaches, Steve goes through his to-do list — holiday season shopping, book tickets to visit the family, dinner reservation for tonight, etc. Unfortunately, Steve's favorite ecommerce website was down, his credit card transactions would not complete to book his tickets and the restaurant's app kept crashing.

For many of us, most of these events sound very familiar; a tap on our smartphone to power up an application and complete an action. It is the digital transformation of our lifestyle and something we've come to rely on. As the complexity of mobile applications and their dependencies with components in our immediate surroundings increases, businesses find themselves in a challenging situation to keep up with customer demands and provide a flawless service.

As a business, the criticality of understanding what your users journey is like when they power up your mobile application must be on top of the priority list. Every tap and every swipe translates to revenue generated or lost, brand loyalty improving or declining, and your user base growing or decreasing.

Delivering a Flawless User Experience with Mobile App Analytics

CA's app analytics tool, CA App Experience Analytics, leverages open source technologies to provide you with the visibility you need to better understand the performance of your mobile apps. It provides you with business insights to better understand common user patterns and demographics and for the times when an application crashes, it provides insight into root cause all the way down to the line of code. You can even dive in deeper by viewing a step by step breakdown of the user session and optionally, video playback — helping you reduce the mean time to resolution.

I suggest signing up for a free trial and get a feel of the various functionalities of CA's App Experience Analytics.

To help you get started, here's a quick demo video displaying just how simple it is to start monitoring your mobile apps.

Pavan Aripakula is a Digital Presales Consultant at CA Technologies
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