AppNeta Announces Support for Service Apps with SaaS Application Monitoring Quick Start Workflows for and Zendesk
March 30, 2015
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AppNeta announced application extensions for and Zendesk with its SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM) solution.

These Quick Start Synthetic Workflows allow AppNeta users to more easily and effectively monitor SaaS applications from the end-user, through the network all the way to the SaaS provider.

The need for easy-to-use SaaS service desk applications is rising as businesses become more agile and move their critical applications to the cloud. SaaS-based service and support desk applications help businesses create a one-stop resource for clients and users, track trouble ticket time, group purchase requests and prioritize tasks. Businesses are then able to meet the needs of their clients by ensuring a successful service experience, thereby creating less shopping cart abandonment.

SAM’s performance monitoring gives the IT team visibility into the root cause of any issues impacting support application performance, assuring a successful user experience with that support application and, as a result, the brand leveraging that application. In a 2013 Deloitte survey of 5,000 online global consumers, 83 percent indicated that they consistently needed some type of support during their online shopping journey. A significant percentage of these online consumers, 71 percent, expected support within five minutes, 82 percent noted quick issue resolution as the most important element of a great online experience and 56 percent expected their issue to be resolved in a single interaction. If support was not received within five minutes, 48 percent indicated they would abandon their shopping cart, resulting in lost sales.

“AppNeta’s SAM solution and Quick Start Workflows provide immediate visibility into the growing world of business-critical SaaS applications,” said Matt Stevens, CEO and President at AppNeta. “This visibility helps businesses understand what’s going on and prevents costly downtime,” said Matt Stevens, CEO and President at AppNeta

More than 45,000 businesses globally use Zendesk, servicing more than 300 million people in 140 different countries. With AppNeta’s new Quick Start Workflows for Zendesk and, managing and monitoring the performance of these apps has never been easier.

Quick Start Workflows are authored and maintained by AppNeta, ensuring IT has the most important use cases for application monitoring and management within constantly changing SaaS applications. Quick Start Workflows can be implemented in five minutes, with no scripting necessary. Users simply enter their SaaS-specific credentials and start monitoring. AppNeta monitoring provides the same metrics from every location by using the same templates, user actions, and user configuration from every office or datacenter, allowing seamless comparison between offices.

AppNeta addresses the needs of development and IT professionals who build, operate, and support business critical web applications. This includes professionals who develop and operate custom web applications, as well as those that support the users of SaaS-based external applications.

AppNeta’s SAM solution results in improved end user satisfaction and decreased operational costs. SaaS vendors can increase revenue and reduce churn while internal IT managers can achieve higher customer satisfaction, faster MTTR, and lower operational costs.

Quick Start Workflows for and Zendesk are available now with AppNeta’s SAM solution.

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