Catchpoint Announces Complete Solution to Monitor and Protect from BGP Incidents
January 11, 2023
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Catchpoint released major enhancements to its Network Experience solution, including network reachability, engineering & traffic routing improvements, as well as comprehensive monitoring for SASE, VPN, and the entire Internet stack.

This makes it even easier for IT professionals to catch issues before they impact the business.

The latest release includes a wide range of enhancements to Catchpoint’s Network Experience solution including:

The world’s largest observability network with over two thousand vantage points around the world. This includes the world’s most extensive global BGP coverage with over a thousand vantage points around the globe from more than 400 ASNs and support for both IPv6 and IPv4 real-time global data:
- 143 Catchpoint peers
- 388 University of Oregon Route Views Project peers
- 744 RIPE NCC RIS peers

An improved BGP Smartboard to identify incidents and root cause faster and with fewer clicks for improved MTTR. The new Smartboard lets IT teams investigate BGP peer event data across selected timeframes, view announcements and withdrawals, then drill down to the details of each event. The result is faster and more effective troubleshooting.

An enhanced BGP Dashboard & Score Metrics to see the health of the networks you rely upon at a glance. Information presented includes visibility for reachability, hijacks, peer visibility, mass withdrawals, RPKI status, and BGP data by region.

Route Hijack Detection via the updated control center library, which stores a list of customer ASNs. The BGP Overview Dashboard flags any prefix announced from unexpected ASNs, so IT is immediately alerted to potential hijacks.

Network Mesh/Node-to-Node General Availability testing to continuously monitor the availability & performance of the network, including jitter, latency and packet loss. This ensures an always-on, high-quality network experience. 

Traceroute enhancements, including Path MTU and TCP MSS features for more effective network path visualization and troubleshooting.

A DNSSEC Custom Monitorthat authenticates the resolution of IP addresses with a cryptographic signature and ensures that answers provided by the DNS server are valid and authentic. 

To learn more about these updated features, please join us on January 18, 2023 for the upcoming webinar Catchpoint Launches New Capabilities to Power Internet Performance Monitoring.

View and Pinpoint All BGP Issues from One Dashboard

All these capabilities are available via the Catchpoint Platform. The market leader in Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM), Catchpoint provides deep visibility into every aspect of the Internet stack that impacts your business. Only Catchpoint offers the breadth and depth of IPM solutions to help make IT, Network Operations, and SREs jobs easier and ensure Internet Resilience with fewer resources.

“With this release, Catchpoint helps our customers uncover BGP issues with more confidence and in less time. We now deliver more detailed real-time information from three distinct BGP peer sources that we are able to collect from over 1000 BGP peers worldwide. By comparison, our nearest competitor monitors less than 100 peers and provides data that is at least 15 minutes old. That 15-minute delay is a lifetime when you’re dealing with an issue like a BGP hijack, and you don’t know where your data is going!” said Catchpoint’s EVP of Product, Matt Izzo.

Catchpoint’s customers agree. “We were never able to monitor reachability in this detail before using the Catchpoint solution. Now we can figure out whether an issue is related to a BGP announcement, routing, or something else instead of blindly trusting our partners that everything is working as it should,” said Andreas Lunz, Chief Technology Officer, Team Internet.

“The top websites in the world rely on Catchpoint as their main platform to monitor, detect, and mitigate BGP incidents, as well as any other incidents in their Internet stack,” said Dritan Suljoti, CTO and co-founder of Catchpoint. “Today, all businesses rely on the Internet to survive, and there is really no other platform that comes close to what we have developed over fourteen years of dedication to Internet Performance Monitoring.”

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