Cherwell Marketplace Launched
March 17, 2020
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Cherwell Software launched the Cherwell Marketplace, a new forum for obtaining a wide range of free and paid enterprise applications or mApps built on top of the Cherwell CORE platform.

Cherwell customers have access to more than 120 applications and integrations, over a hundred of which have been contributed through a broad network of partner and Cherwell community developers.

“Chief information officers routinely cite speed, innovation, agility, and automation as top priorities to improve employee experiences and drive growth through the rapid roll-out of new digital services,” said Scott Gainey, CMO at Cherwell. “Our extensive library of applications and integrations, available within the Cherwell Marketplace, backed by a strong community of developers, demonstrates our commitment to helping our customers make work flow.”

Today, Marketplace listings can be leveraged by customers to extend current capabilities, add new functionality, improve IT operational efficiency, or enhance their overall Cherwell Service Management implementation. The Marketplace also features valuable business applications created by technology alliance partners, solution providers, systems integrators, and service providers, including AWS, HCL, ScienceLogic, and more.

Partner-created Marketplace listings include:

- AWS Cloud Management – The AWS Cloud Management mApp provides functionality that allows you to choose an AWS Service/Template from the Service Catalog so you can review, edit, submit, and track the status of the request. Technicians can identify and interact with a customer's AWS Service/Template Service Request to manage the request effectively.

- BeyondTrust Remote Support – The BeyondTrust Remote Support mApp enables secure, real-time remote support sessions. Using the mApp, service desk technicians and customers can launch remote support sessions directly from Cherwell Service Management and the self-service portal to provide collaboration and fast resolution of IT issues.

- ComAround Knowledge Integration – The ComAround Knowledge Integration provides a seamless customer experience and enables a shift-left strategy by moving cases to cost-efficient support channels, such as self-service. ComAround connects to your built-in interfaces, making knowledge available via the interaction points you already have within your support operations.

- ScienceLogic – The ScienceLogic SL1 mApp helps maximize return on your Cherwell investment by achieving real-time configuration management database accuracy, reducing incident noise, and automating ITSM workflows. Specific workflows include automated incident/configuration item (CI) creation and automated maintenance and retirement of CIs.

In addition to the growing amount of partner-driven innovation in the Marketplace, community-developed applications are increasing, as well as offering a constant stream of new benefits to Cherwell customers. This is thanks to both the no-code architecture of Cherwell CORE and the variety of certifications available that teach users to leverage CORE’s no-code design and develop applications quickly on their own. The new credentials empower the Cherwell community to have a more active and skillful role in improving IT efficiency, creating better services, and, ultimately, driving business innovation even further.

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